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Hooker Rhapsody Collection

Hooker Rhapsody Collection

Hooker Rhapsody Writing Desk room scene

The Hooker Rhapsody Collection combines grand scale and a relaxed design to create an attractive combination of comfort and style. Serpentine shapes and classical finishes create a relaxed atmosphere while timeless design elements like scrolling, rope twisted molding, acanthus leaf motifs, and fleur-de-lis anchors add charm and sophistication. Grand scale and classic European style are the defining features of the Hooker Rhapsody Collection, with charming reclaimed woods and classic finishes. Hooker Furniture uses a multi-step finishing process with as many as sixteen steps. The result is unsurpassed clarity, depth, and color richness with long-lasting durability. Hand-applied rubbing and padding make Hooker Rhapsody finishes “feel” as good as they look, with a softness and smoothness that is delightful to the touch. Most Hooker Rhapsody products are constructed from hardwood solids and veneers over durable wood products such as medium density fiberboard (MDF) and particle board. MDF and particle board are used in large surfaces for added stability and durability. These wood products do not expand or contract with heat or cold and do not absorb moisture as much as solid wood, resulting in stronger and longer-lasting furniture.

Hooker Rhapsody Writing Desk

We chose to feature the Hooker Rhapsody Writing Desk for the Hooker Rhapsody Collection as we feel it embodies the different aspects that make Hooker Rhapsody really stand out. This writing desk is the perfect size to fit comfortably in just about any room while providing a spacious tabletop area to work or play. The center drawer has a drop-front convenient for keyboard use, making this desk a perfect solution for a computer room. Combine classic style and modern functionality for an interesting area to inspire creativity and focus. There are two drawers and a removable writing insert with pencil tray for those who still enjoy working with pen and paper. Each drawer also has three slots with two removable dividers for enhanced organization of office supplies, computer equipment, or CDs and video games. In total there are three drawers leaving the area beneath the desktop open for plenty of legroom. This design allows light to pass through and airflow so you can position the Hooker Rhapsody Writing Desk away from the wall as an aesthetic addition instead of an eyesore that needs to be tucked away in a corner.

As you would expect from Hooker Rhapsody, this writing desk is made from hardwood solids with Pecan, Hickory, Ash, Black Walnut, and Maple Veneers. The classic-style tabletop is supported by spiral legs on a floor stretcher for a unique and visually interesting design that makes this writing desk a great focal point in your home office or study. A room fashioned from Hooker Rhapsody furniture is a great way to combine style and comfort with classic design elements.

Hooker Rhapsody Writing Desk top

The grand scale and serpentine shapes of the Hooker Rhapsody Collection create a comfortable and aesthetic style for any room of the home. Shop for your home office, living room, bedroom, hallway, and more with Hooker Rhapsody. Hooker Furniture received top scores in all of our rating categories for design, construction, and materials, meaning it is not the most budget-friendly brand out there. But if you are looking for the highest-quality products, or have fallen in love with the casual opulence of Hooker Rhapsody, you will find the lowest prices on this incredible collection only at Shop today!

Utility Desk

Utility Desk


If you’re a student or work from home, a utility desk is an absolute must. Your productivity on the computer, on paper, or doing just about anything else work or school related will be increased exponentially by having a self-contained area that collects and organizes all of the tools, reference materials, and supplies you will need to get the job done (whatever that job may be).

Sure, you could just lay in bed with your laptop and papers and books sprawled about, but you’ll wake up to your alarm and a half-completed paper covered in drool. That’s A+ quality right there.

You could do work at your dining room table, or worse, a folding card table, where you’ll have to stack and balance all of your reference material and either dig through or get up to retrieve that certain document you need to double check. Not only will it take longer, but there’s a better chance of distractions going on around you as well (and cross your fingers that card table doesn’t buckle).

A utility desk usually provides ample, if not surplus, storage solutions for all of your stuff. Creating the right spot to put your utility desk also creates a creative and efficient area where your mind will stay focused and work effectively without the distractions of getting up to look for something or potential disturbances in the room around you. Designate that area as your “work zone” and train your brain to go into “work mode” while you’re stationed there. You’ll find work (career or scholarly) will get done faster and with better quality when you create an area like this.

Utility desks come in many shapes and sizes: you might not need locking file cabinets, you might want a keyboard drawer and/or printer compartment for a desktop computer setup, or you might just want something small for your apartment or dorm room. There are tons of options out there, from simple writing desks to entire office suites, figure out what would work best for your situation and work-load, and find a good fit to help you get it done.

Remember, a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind, so make sure your utility desk has solutions for what you need!