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Coastal TV Stands for the Home

Coastal TV Stands for the Home

Tommy Bahama Coastal TV Stand 1

This might sound pretty strange, but I love to watch TV on vacation. Maybe there are some deep down psychological reasons for that, or maybe I’m just boring, but something about laying in a freshly made hotel bed and exploring the unusual (and sometimes entirely foreign) TV channels is fun and relaxing. My wife usually scolds me for “wasting time watching TV when we could be doing something we can’t do at home,” but there are times when it’s too late or we’re too tired to do any of those things and I just get to channel flip and snack on hotel food; It’s awesome.

Tommy Bahama Coastal TV Stand 2

Although I doubt too many people are finding this quirk of mine relatable, I think most everyone can relate to loving the feeling of being on vacation. And for most, at least where I’m from, Coastal and Tropical styles are predominant for encapsulating the feel of an exotic, relaxing vacation. So why not bring that feeling home? Coastal furniture is a great way to get that vacation feel in a specific room or throughout your entire home. From exotic Rattan furniture to beach inspired finishes, there are many types of Coastal furniture, each with a specific inspiration or influence. And if you do share my love of watching TV on vacation, Coastal TV Stands for the home are perfect. Although you will probably be familiar with the channels that you flip through, and probably won’t find an entertaining new show in a language you don’t understand, Coastal TV Stands are still a good way to enhance your downtime by pretending you are relaxing in paradise away from all the troubles of everyday life.

Tommy Bahama, in particular, excels at Coastal inspired furniture including Coastal TV Stands. This brand has many types and styles of Coastal furniture available and is a great place to start if you are looking to bring that vacation feeling home.

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Entertainment Units, Media Cabinets, and TV Chests

Entertainment Units, Media Cabinets, and TV Chests

If you are looking to add a TV to an area of your home, you have a few options: entertainment units, media cabinets, TV chests, and wall mounting are the most prevalent solutions for creating a TV area, arranged from most to least substantial.


If you want to fill a wall in your living room, family room, or man-cave, entertainment units might be the perfect solution. They provide the most storage options for setting up entertainment systems like a cable box, DVD players, and video game systems, as well as auxiliary storage for movies, games, and other accessories. Entertainment units are often designed to take up a significant amount of a wall, being almost ceiling height and around ten feet wide in many cases.


Next you have media cabinets. Media cabinets (sometimes called TV cabinets) are basically just what they sound like: a cabinet whose design is geared specifically toward media and a TV. They are usually wider and shorter with several doors and drawers for storing entertainment systems and accessories. The top of the cabinet is large enough to hold just about any size flat screen TV, sometimes with room to spare. These pieces are best for areas where the entertainment area is not meant to be the entire focus of the room, but still provide ample functionality. These units are often flanked by wall art of other such pieces behind or to the side of the TV area.


TV chests are very similar to media cabinets, but usually slightly smaller in total size, and more tall than wide. With TV chests you are more likely to have drawers and shelves than large doors like on a cabinet. TV chests are designed for smaller entertainment areas, perhaps in the bedroom or a guest room, with a smaller profile that leaves less of a footprint in the floor space of the room. They often have two designated shelves/compartments for setting up a cable box, DVD player, or video game system, with a top surface large enough to support small to medium sized TVs securely.

prepac-altus-wall-mounted-av-console-black-1 (1)

Wall mounting is a recent development with the popularity of flat screen TVs. With wall mounting, you simply secure to TV to the wall without the need for a piece of furniture to support it. In this case, a piece of furniture is usually placed on the floor below, or a shelving unit is also mounted on the wall to support entertainment systems for use with the wall mounted TV. This is, of course, the least substantial TV solution, but requires more work and finesse to set up.

Whichever of these TV solutions is right for you, has a large selection at the lowest prices guaranteed!

Wall Mounted Audio/Video Consoles

Wall Mounted Audio/Video Consoles


Are you shopping for an entertainment center or TV console but the traditional models just aren’t doing it for you? Wall mounted audio/video consoles are a clever take on the standard TV console that work great with wall mounted flat screen TVs. They usually offer a bit less storage than entertainment centers, but the trade-off is a much more attractive and space-saving design that will still get the job done.

Wall mounted audio/video consoles are great for modern homes seeking a clean, minimalistic style. Paired with a wall mounted flat screen TV, you can create a fully stocked TV area that takes up little to no floor space in the room and leaves more of the wall and floor visible. The floating design is visually interesting and has a sleek, stylish look without legs that breaks away from traditional expectations. Wall mounted audio/video consoles are also great in areas where an entertainment center simply won’t fit or you want it off the floor, such as a small bedroom or basement man-cave.

Whatever the reason, wall mounted audio/video consoles can be the perfect alternative to traditional entertainment centers and TV consoles and may be just right for your situation. Apartments especially can benefit from the space saving aspect, while the style of the wall mounted design works great in Modern Contemporary decor.


March Madness is here!

March Madness is here!

March Madness is here! As you watch your favorite team, are you happy with the area around your TV? Is it time to upgrade to a beautiful Entertainment Center?

Watching TV is typically the main function of a living room, and so your TV is the focal point. Everything, including furniture, is centered on the TV, which can be an eye sore or even throw off the whole style of a room. Enter — Entertainment Centers! If you have the space, framing the TV can help blend the room together or even hide your TV when it’s not being used. Plus, you can never get enough storage space!

Check out the variety of styles and colors we offer on FurnitureCrate!

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