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Lane Fritz Recliner – You Choose the Fabric

Lane Fritz Recliner – You Choose the Fabric

Lane Fritz Hi-Leg Recliner - You Choose the Fabric

The Lane Fritz Hi-Leg Recliner is a versatile and stylish way to add comfort to your home. In addition to it’s chic design, the Lane Fritz Recliner offers you the freedom to choose your fabric from dozens of options to perfectly match or complement your home decor. No matter if you want a neutral fabric, a bright design, or the sophistication of leather, you can custom-tailor the Lane Fritz Recliner to perfectly suit your needs.

No matter which fabric you choose, the Lane Fritz Recliner achieves impressive style with its tapered Walnut legs and handle-less design. Simply push back to transform this chic and comfortable chair into a luxurious reclining position perfect for reading, napping, or simply relaxing after a long day. If you are searching for the perfect seating solution for your living room, family room, or other area of the home, the Lane Fritz Recliner could be it with its range of fabric options for you to choose from. Check it out today!

Lane Fritz Hi-Leg Recliner - You Choose the Fabric

Ashley Furniture Chair and a Half Recliner

Ashley Furniture Chair and a Half Recliner

Signature Design by Ashley Emmett Extra Wide Seat Wall Hugger Recliner with Power 1Signature Design by Ashley Emmett Extra Wide Seat Wall Hugger Recliner with Power 2

Ashley Furniture chair and a half recliners take the comfort of a reclining chair to a whole new level. These oversized recliners are made from the same high-quality materials as Ashley’s normal seating, but extra wide for big and tall folks or anyone who wants the luxurious comfort of a generously sized chair. Ashley Furniture is known for it’s comfortable and high-quality home furniture, with seating being one of their specialties. You’ll find a variety of styles and upholstery options, including luxurious leather and an array of fabrics. Ashley Furniture chair and a half recliners are great for the living room and family room, providing an ultra-comfortable place to kick back and relax while watching TV, reading a book, or even taking a nap. If you have kids, they can probably share the oversized recliner much like a couch! Whether you want a Traditional looking chair with leather upholstery or a neutral-colored finish, or a more personalized fabric in a certain color to match your home’s interior, Ashley’s seating has an impressive range of options and custom fabrics to choose from. For those shopping for a chair and a half, comfortable recliner, or simply a seating solution the whole family can enjoy, Ashley Furniture chair and a half recliners offer a unique comfort and style worth considering.

Signature Design by Ashley Damacio Zero Wall Wide Seat Recliner in Cream 1Signature Design by Ashley Damacio Zero Wall Wide Seat Recliner in Cream 2

Signature Design Recliner

Signature Design Recliner

Signature Design recliners combine envious style with outstanding comfort for the perfect chair in any living space. Whether you want classic leather or bold modern upholstery, these recliners will soon be your new favorite place to sit! We have a great selection of Signature Design recliners, so you can match any style or decor while receiving luxurious comfort.

Signature Design Recliner by Ashley Zeth Rocker Recliner in CrimsonSignature Design Recliner by Ashley Newsburgh High Leg Recliner

In addition to a range of colors and material types, you can choose from several styles and add-ons including extra wide recliners, zero position recliners, power recline options, and even cup holders! So whatever style or options you are looking for in your new reclining chair, there is a Signature Design recliner perfect for you.

Signature Design Recliner by Ashley Emmett Extra Wide Seat Wall Hugger Recliner with PowerSignature Design Recliner by Ashley Paramount DuraBlend Zero Wall Recliner

Whether for your living room, family room, or man-cave, a Signature Design recliner is a great way to add style and comfort to your home. Oftentimes recliners don’t have the style to be recommended for living rooms, but there are several Signature Design recliners that achieve a look with so much class it’s hard to tell they’re even recliners! Create a new place to read, nap, or kick back and relax with a comfortable and stylish reclining chair from Signature Design by Ashley. You’ll find a great selection and unbeatable prices at!

Signature Design Recliner by Ashley Stahlworth High Leg ReclinerSignature Design Recliner by Ashley Brolayne DuraBlend Rocker Recliner in Garnet

Sleeper Recliner Chairs: You Know You Want One

Sleeper Recliner Chairs: You Know You Want One

Catnapper Concord sleeper recliner chair

A sleeper recliner chair is a great investment in your comfort and enjoyment of daily activities. A quality sleeper recliner chair can be a great gift for someone else, or yourself! Enjoy kicking back after work to watch TV, read a book, or take a much needed nap in the utmost comfort. A sleeper recliner chair is something you will enjoy every day, and there are many styles and types to choose from.

Catnapper Duck Dynasty Appalachian sleeper recliner chair

What makes a sleeper recliner chair unique is a design that allows the chair to not only recline, but recline into a full layout position where your body is essentially horizontal. This will put you  in a much more sleep-friendly position than a normal reclining chair, great for napping or even a full night of sleep. Sleeper recliner chairs don’t have to recline all the way, however, most of these chairs come with a number of great features such as power reclining, independent control of feet and back reclining, heat, massage, and more. Decide which of these features you want in your sleeper recliner chair, and let us know if you have any questions or would like help finding one with the features you are interested in. Once you find your perfect sleeper recliner model, most come with a variety of fabric options from leather to fabric colors and even camo! We are confident we have the perfect sleeper recliner chair for you, so you can be lounging and napping in comfort before you know it!

Catnapper Gibson sleeper recliner chair

Sleeper recliner chairs are great for the living room, family room, and man-cave, but can really be used in any room where you like to sit and relax, read, watch TV, play video games, or just take a nap. Invest in years of comfort for yourself, friends, and family by replacing a boring old chair with one of our comfortable, high-quality sleeper recliner chairs. You’ll be glad you did!

The Lane Bulldog Recliner

The Lane Bulldog Recliner

The Lane Bulldog Comfort King Rocker Recliner is a sturdy and comfortable rocker recliner chair designed for persons weighing up to 350 pounds. It features an extra tall seat back and chair height suitable for taller individuals and its entire Comfort King mechanism is constructed from 7-gauge steel for exceptional sturdiness and durability. The Lane Bulldog Recliner also uses mortise and tenon joint construction, the most effective modern technique for long-lasting durability. In the seat, high-quality 8-gauge tempered steel coils are attached directly into the frame’s seat box so they won’t break free. Additionally, pre-loaded and stress relieved 3.5-inch, 15-gauge high-tinsel coil wire provides consistent support and superior comfort to the seat while conforming better to the contours of the body. Meanwhile, the back cushion features channel compartments to help keep the fibers in place and maintain the supportive shape of the chair for longer. Lastly, the Lane Bulldog Recliner passes rigorous testing requirements including color fastness, abrasion testing, and dynamic seam fatigue so you can count on the supportive interior and stylish exterior of this product.

Lane Bulldog Comfort King Rocker Recliner

In conclusion, the Lane Bulldog Recliner is a comfortable and attractive reclining chair that is made to last. Fully reclined, the Lane Bulldog Recliner is the length of a King size mattress so anyone can lounge comfortably. The pillow arm design and generous padding in the seat and backrest will make you wish you never had to leave your Lane Bulldog Recliner. Whether kicking bad after a hard day of work, relaxing and watching the game, or taking a much needed nap, the Lane Bulldog Comfort King Rocker Recliner is a great solution that will provide you with quality comfort for many years. Order from for the lowest price on the Lane Bulldog Recliner, and get a great deal on unbeatable comfort. You can also choose your fabric for the perfect look to match any room in your home!

Oversized Camo Recliners for Hunting Season!

Oversized Camo Recliners for Hunting Season!

We all have a hunter in our life, someone who considers the beginning of the holiday season opening day for whitetail, and whose favorite color is camo. Our oversized camo recliners make a great gift for any hunter, especially those who like a comfy lounging chair (I mean, who doesn’t?). These chairs are great for bringing the great outdoors home with you, or for using in your cabin! These oversized camo recliners are so comfortable that they will quickly become the favorite chair in the house, or the perfect napping spot between the morning and evening hunt.

catnapper-magnum-recliner-mossy-oak-1 oversized camo recliner

The Catnapper Magnum Camouflage Oversized Chaise Rocker Recliner with Heat and Massage and X-tra Comfort Footrest in Mossy Oak is the most comfortable oversized camo recliner chair available. It is chair-and-a-half size, reclines (obviously), and also includes heat and massage features. This chair is made to last, with the strongest seat box ever manufactured and the strongest, most durable base in the recliner industry. The reclining mechanism is manual and reinforced, so you don’t need electricity in your cabin to recline, and it’s also more durable. This chair uses over fifty independently active, 15-gauge, heat tempered coils. This ensures exceptional performance and a long-lasting comfort, and Comfor-Gel memory foam reinforces the coils while also promoting quiet comfort that is less likely to squeak when you move. The chair is upholstered in the Mossy Oak New Break-Up fabric that is computer-enhanced for a realistic woodland camouflage.

catnapper-magnum-recliner-mossy-oak-2 oversized camo recliner fabric pattern


Check out this great oversized camo recliner and other camo pieces from brands like Jackson and Catnapper for the hunter in your life. And shop confidently with us knowing we offer all of our products at the lowest prices available anywhere. Shop FurnitureCrate today!

The Extra Wide Recliner

The Extra Wide Recliner

When first moving into our apartment, my fiancée and I had zero furniture. Fortunately, the previous tenants who moved in only 8 months before us decided not to bother with taking their couch, microwave, dining room table, or extra wide reclining chair. We were ecstatic to find furniture less than a year old left with a note saying we could have it.

Today, the couch is mostly covered in bags and coats and hoodies (a temporary storage shelf), the dining room table has been broken down and stored in the furnace room, I have no idea why they left the perfectly functional microwave, but the real mystery is the extra wide recliner. Next to sleeping in the bed, I easily spend most of my time at the apartment in that chair. I remember having reclining couches at my house as a kid, but it had been at least a decade since I’ve had one to sit in. In fact, for the first few weeks, we didn’t even know it was a recliner; we just thought it was essentially a loveseat as we could both sit comfortably in it. One day, I noticed that there was a small handle just below the arm rest on the right side facing the wall. This recessed mechanism was different than the large wooden lever I remembered from my childhood, but sure enough, giving the small plastic flap a pull transformed the decently comfortable, slightly small loveseat into a heavenly, extra wide recliner.

If I had known the previous tenants’ forwarding address, they would have gotten a Christmas card.


Father’s Day gift ideas

Father’s Day gift ideas

Are you stumped on what to give your father for Father’s Day?   Is your dad tired of getting the same old Father’s day staple of a tie, razor, shirt, etc, etc, etc?  Growing up I struggled to figure out what to get my dad every year for Father’s Day.  I always wished I had the perfect father’s day gift for my dad.

Have you ever felt the same way?  Well, I am here to help.  Why not say “thank you” to your dad by giving him a recliner or a theater seat. Just imagine how much your dad would enjoy the “perfect chair”?  Here are our recommendations of “dad” approved chairs.


Market Square Emmet Rocker Recliner

The Market Square Emmet Rocker Recliner has an extra wide seat for your dad to stretch out and relax in.  If your dad thinks its too much of a hassle to  recline the seat himself, there is also a power version of the Marke Square Emmet Rocker Recliner.





Catnapper Sampson Chaise Rocker Recliner

The Catnapper Sampson Chaise Rocker Recliner features a waterfall pub back seat and a classic look for a recliner.  Imagine your dad falling asleep in this chair while watching his favorite football team on Monday Night Football.





Catnapper Teddy Bear Inch A Way Wall Hugger

Another great recliner by Catnapper Furniture the Catnapper Teddy Bear Inch A Way Wall Hugger features a pillow soft chaise pad seat that makes the chair extra comfortable to sit in.  With the away wall feature  you don’t have to worry  about placing extra space between the wall and this recliner.  All you need is one inch and you can fully recline without hitting the wall.





Market Square Taylor Rocker Recliner

If you are looking for a luxurious recliner, the Market Square Taylor Rocker Recliner is the perfect choice.  The Taylor-Harness will enhance the look and feel of any room.









Catnapper Top Gun Theater Seating

If your dad likes theater seats more than a recliner,  the Catnapper Top Gun Theater Seating is the perfect choice.  This theater seat features a comfortable chaise style seating and a cup holder.   Now your dad can relax in style and have his favorite drink with him while watching his favorite movie.