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Room Inspirations!

Room Inspirations!

Every Morning when I get into the office, I check out my design-related blogs, articles, emails and whatever else that gets my creative juices going. That is, after I pour myself a gigantic cup of coffee!

I came across a room that sparked my interest and it inspired me to recreate it with our products on FurnitureCrate!

Amy Tyndall foyer

This photo has a lot of different components but somehow work very well together. First, you have the contemporary fabric on a traditional chair. The console table has a coastal, beach feel to it with very traditional lamps and mirror above it. To tie in the coastal theme, they’ve added a sisal rug.

Here’s what I came up with!

Room Ispiration

Chairs, Table, Lamps, Mirror, Wall Art, Rug

Do you have a photo you would like me to recreate for you? Check out our E-Design Services! Email me and I will respond so you can send me your photo!

And, check back next week for posts about High Point Market!!

Suburban Oasis Home Design

Suburban Oasis Home Design

I stumbled upon this amazing suburban home design by Kristina Wolf Design, based in California. The entire home has a natural flow throughout the space. What we love is how it mixes the popular industrial design with modern features in a typical suburban home. Some of the furniture pieces are also familiar to what we have on our own site as we note below..

The kitchen has an open feel, with a casual round dining set and is open to the family room.

The formal dining room shares the same style and color palette as the rest of the home.

One of our favorite rooms is the master bedroom. That bed looks very familiar, it is the Modloft Ludlow Bed in White Leather and Wenge Finish that we also carry on our site. Just love how she designed the room with a contemporary bed, yet feels very comfortable and warm.

And last but not least, the master bath is just as stunning as the rest of the home.

I think that this home will definitely share as inspiration when I decorate my own home…

Masculine Chocolate Brown Living Space

Masculine Chocolate Brown Living Space

Found this beautiful masculine living space created with muted brown and neutral tones on Pinterest.

(source unknown)

Want to recreate it in your home? We’ve found items that can help you achieve this very same look!

The Bernhardt Vintage Patina Bookcase has always been a favorite of ours. The Uttermost Paris Photo Set set the tone of the room as elegant and masculine because of the architecture. Paired with exquisite Bradington Young club chairs and Klaussner coffee table and cooridinating end table. The find of the century? The Tommy Bahama Tasmania End Table has that intricate detail as shown in the inspiration room. Grounding the room is a natural sisal rug from Surya. And topped off with off with a handsome wall sconce. Hope you enjoy!

Interview with Angelo Surmelis

Interview with Angelo Surmelis

We recently had the opportunity to chat with the creator of one of our favorite brands, Angelo Surmelis. He gives us his insight on design and and the angelo:HOME brand. Hope you enjoy!

Michelle: What is one piece of advice you would give to anyone when designing a space?
Angelo: Try something different. We all tend to stick with we’re comfortable with or what we know, but the unexpected is what makes a good room great. Experiment with the things you can afford to do that with. Accessories are an awesome way to try a new color, pattern or style you’ve been thinking about but were afraid of making a big commitment with.

Michelle: What is your favorite unexpected element you use when designing a room?
Angelo: It’s probably less unexpected and more eclectic, but I love to use things that you don’t expect to see together. I’m not a purist so I don’t want an all modern room (even though I love modern design) OR an all elegant hollywood bling room. When I can put a classic, simple piece up against something ornate, worn and rustic, with something shiny, smooth and regal, then I get excited about a room. A healthy mix of styles, periods, colors. textures and patterns make for the best kind of room for me. When I’m in a space that only has one note—I get nervous.

Michelle: What is your favorite angelo:HOME piece of furniture?
Angelo: That’s a tough one. I don’t know if I have a favorite, but I can tell you where I spend the most time is in my living room. I work in there, read there and do most of my product development there and I’m either sitting on one of my Roscoe Chairs (in Parisian Blue Evening Velvet) or my brand new feather down sofa. It’s so new that I have the prototype. They’ll be out later this year.

Michelle: What color is your favorite to put in a room?
Angelo: So much depends on the room—natural light, and so many other factors. But, I will say that currently I have been leaning towards a lot of grey tones for wall,s because I can put any color, pattern, art piece up against it and it works. They grey I am currently loving is from Benjamin Moore and has a bit of lavender undertone in it. EBONY SLATE. It’s awesome!

Michelle: What is your ideal type of living space?
Angelo: One that feels like it tells the story of the people who live there. I love walking into someone’s living space and seeing aspects of who they are, their adventures and places they’ve been, being reflected in their style. It’s my favorite way to decorate and my favorite type of space to be in.

Michelle: Now we know you really like food and desserts, if you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
Angelo: Cake. A simple layer cake. Preferably moist, I only say that because I made one recently and mistakenly left it in the oven for a few minutes too long. It was a bit dry, but don’t think I didn’t eat the whole thing anyway–because I did.

Michelle: If you are having a dinner party with anyone in the world, who would you invite?
Angelo: Tina Fey, Amy Pohler, Mindy Kaling, Viola Davis, Josh Groban, Authors Jennifer & Penny Niven, Andre Leon Talley, Goldie Hawn, Meryl Streep, Iris Apfel, Artist Wayne White

Michelle: What’s next in the angelo:HOME world?
Angelo: We will be introducing a brand new line of mattresses with fabrics and ticking that I designed. Also, we are entering the world of teen furniture–fun looks for a younger audience that loves sophisticated, playful style, AND of course, affordable.

Make sure to shop our selection of angelo:HOME products for your home! And those Roscoe chairs he was talking about earlier… you can find them here.

Mixing Louis Phillipe with Modern Style

Mixing Louis Phillipe with Modern Style

desire to inspire - new work from antonio martins
desire to inspire - new work from antonio martins

I stumbled across this photo white browsing the Desire to Inspire Blog. What really impresses me is that Antonio Martin, a San Francisco interior designer took a very traditional side board in the Louis Phillipe style, and put it into a modern home. Louis Phillipe style is derived from the French in the 19th century. It takes its name from the monarch who reigned from 1830 to 1848. Key features are simple rounded lines with very little ornamentation, usually in a medium to dark wood finish. Many Louis casegoods also feature hidden storage drawers. Paired with sleek stainless steel and glass, your traditional furniture becomes modern in it’s own way.

Shop Louis Phillipe on

Fun Kids Room Ideas

Fun Kids Room Ideas

These are the cutest kids rooms I saw at market. The new Stanley Furniture showroom in High Point showcases designer looks, in addition to new furniture introductions. They were very creative when it came to kids rooms; using ordinary items and presenting them in a whole new light! Because I have two girls, I was drawn to two particularly fun rooms.. filled in large quantities of common items… pom poms, and origami birds! Yes, anyone can make this happen. I was informed that it only cost about $100 for each room. The origami birds they found through etsy, and the ombre pattern with the pom poms give it a real modern look. The sky is the limit. What this teaches us is that any kids room can be spectacular. If you have basic furnishings, which most of us do, all we need is a little ingenuity and they can look like a million bucks! Hope you enjoy!

High Point Market April 2013 Design Trends

High Point Market April 2013 Design Trends

April 2013 market design trends

High Point Market just wrapped up last week and it was great! As many of you may know, market is the place to go for buyers to do all their furniture and accessory buying for the coming season. It also is a destination for interior designers to get trend and and design ideas. I put together a board to show you the top 5 design trends I noticed:


1. Dark colored walls in a bedroom. Many showrooms had beautiful beds with dark moody brown or navy colored walls. If you ask me, I think it’s kinda sexy.

2. White washed/distressed wood furniture has been around for a few years now, and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. This look is great in a modern, or beachy space. it Has a very transitional look which makes it appealing to many buyers.

3. Curved sofas and sectionals. By far, my favorite new trend… Curved sofas tend to bring living rooms a softness to a more typical perpendicular room arrangement, while offering a more comfortable conversational feel.

4. Aviation. Restoration hardware did it again! They brought that urban loft look to the main stream a few years ago, and it continues, now with aviation inspired design, and it is HOT!

5. Last, but not least.. Watery Colors! Whether it be blues, greens, or yellows, the color trend for this season gives a beach and springtime feel. It’s light and airy, and puts you in a good mood.

I hope you enjoyed these design trends. More market posts planned for you so stay on the look out!

Your Favorite Furniture and Interior Design Blogs

Your Favorite Furniture and Interior Design Blogs

A little more than two months ago we asked our readers, our social media circles, friends, and family what their favorite furniture and interior design blogs, books, and magazines. Surprisingly almost all of our submissions were blogs, which unfortunately  made it hard for us to come  up with a top 5 list for furniture and interior design books and magazines. After collecting and counting submissions we have our top 5 furniture and interior design blogs. The top 5 are (start the drum roll):

1. Design Sponge
2. Design Milk
3. Doodle Home
4. CoCo Cozy
5. Shelter Pop

Some honorable mentions are IKEA Hackers, Houzz, Freshome, and Confessions of a Design Geek. Dont see your favorite furniture and interior design blog here? Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite is.