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Aspenhome Young Classics Dresser

Aspenhome Young Classics Dresser

The Aspenhome Young Classics Dresser with Mirror is a gorgeous piece that is both functional and stylish. Like all items from the Aspenhome Young Classics Collection, this dresser was designed with the American Federal period in mind. This not only gives the Aspenhome Young Classics Collection an Old-World feel, but it also happens to work quite well with many Contemporary themes with its dark colors and geometric shapes.

Aspenhome Young Classics Dresser with Mirror room scene

The Aspenhome Young Classics Dresser is also very functional, so you don’t have to sacrifice storage space or usability for style. It features a total of twelve drawers, including a jewelry tray and spacious tabletop for display or easy-access items. The mirror will make your morning routine a breeze, while also adding a sophisticated look and brightening up the room. The Aspenhome Young Classics Collection includes pieces for the bedroom, dining room, and entertainment room, so you can bolster the functionality and style of any area in your home.

Aspenhome Young Classics jewelry tray drawer

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Why Buy Youth Dressers?

Why Buy Youth Dressers?

Youth dressers are designed for kids and teens who would benefit more from an appropriately-sized smaller storage solution than a large dresser that will eat up extra floor space in their bedroom. Generally kids don’t have that much clothing, and their clothes are smaller, which means the extra space of a full-size dresser is wasted. Not only that, but having more appropriately sized youth dressers also maximize the amount of open space for playing in the bedroom. Open space is important to promote creativity and play, rather than just have a bulky storage piece they can grow into.

Arielle Youth Bedroom -  Youth Dresser

It may seem like a waste of money to buy youth dressers when a full-size dresser is sure to last until your child grows into it, but having a fun and space saving dresser can really spruce up the mood and functionality of your child’s room. Whether you want an Antique White piece perfect for a princess-themed room, a Classic brown stained dresser in a smaller scale, or a colorful and imaginative storage solution, we have plenty of options for you and your child to choose from! They are sure to enjoy one of these dressers much more than a standard, unadorned, full-size one, and it is worth the money during their childhood years.

Chelsea Square Youth - Youth Dresser

Shop our great selection of youth storage pieces from the brands you love, at the best prices available anywhere. Hop online and let your son or daughter help you choose the piece they want in their room, and get it shipped to your home free of charge! You just can’t beat the prices, quality, and convenience of for any and all of your home furnishing needs!

Ashley Elsie Chest - Youth Dresser

Double Dressers

Double Dressers

Double dressers are the gold standard for bedroom storage. They provide an optimal balance of storage space and drawer count, with an aesthetically pleasing symmetrical design. Double dressers are the most prevalent because of the effective design, so there are many styles and colors available to fit your bedroom. Traditional-style double dressers are very easy to come by as this tried-and-true design has been around for generations, but the prevalence of double dressers assures you can find them in styles from Classic Traditional to Modern Contemporary and everywhere in-between.

Six drawer double dressers are the most common type, with a 3×2 design. A row of smaller drawers sometimes accompanies the primary drawers (usually as the top row), intended to organize smaller and more delicate items. Sometimes these rows include three or four smaller drawers, rather than a double row, but the primary design of the piece is still a double dresser. A well-designed double dresser provides ample storage space for the average person’s wardrobe (excluding closet items that need to be hung, of course), and larger models with a 4×2 design may even be enough to accommodate couples in a single unit. Double dressers often include optional mirrors to enhance their style and functionality in the bedroom, great for getting dressed in the morning.


Double dressers are generally intended for bedroom use, though the effective storage capabilities and aesthetics of many models make them viable in other living spaces, as well. But if you are looking for the ideal bedroom storage solution that provides ample space and a good drawer count in a compact unit, you can’t beat the design of a double dresser. And as one of the most popular furniture pieces manufactured, there are models out there that will perfectly fit the style and personality of your bedroom.

When something works, it just works. And double dressers are something that just works.

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Furniture for Small Bedrooms

Furniture for Small Bedrooms

What is the first thing we notice about a bedroom when we first step in?  It’s the furniture, most importantly the bed.  Every piece of furniture in a bedroom, large or small has an effect on how comfortable a bedroom feels.  Everyone wants a bedroom that looks big and spacious.  So when we have a small bedroom finding furniture that makes it feel spacious is a very difficult task.  If you have a small bedroom you are probably well aware of the dilemma I just described.    If you are looking for furniture for a small bedroom here are a few tips you can live by.

  1. Buy multifunctional bedroom pieces.
    Multifunctional bedroom pieces will help create space in your small bedroom by, serving two purposes at once.  Most multi functional furniture is usually a loft, which has a bed above a desk, like the Powell Monster Bedroom Loft Bunk Bed.  There are alternatives to the loft bed like Fashion Bed Group Student Center Bed, which is a bed the folds into a desk.


    Fashion Bed Group Student Center

    If a loft is not for you, try a daybed. The Night & Day Teddy Roosevelt Daybed can transform from loveseat, to a lounger, and to a bed that can sleep up to two people; now that’s multifunctional. Another option to think about is a futon.  Now these are not the futon you remembered from college. Futons can provide storage and are very comfortable, like the Night & Day Winter Futon With Drawer.


    Night and Day Teddy Roosevelt Daybed

    A company called Resource Furniture has specialized in space saving furniture.  Check out there different pieces that would work great in any small bedroom.

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  2. Buy a chest instead of a dresser.Most dressers are large and take up a lot of space. Dressers are usually two drawers wide and about 3-4 drawers high. A chest is 1 drawer wide and 6-8 drawers high. A chest will only take half the space than a dresser.

    Magnussen Generations Chest 

  4. Buy a large floor length mirror.A large mirror will help lengthen the room. It’s a simple solution that will help your small room look twice the size.

  6. Try a hanging lamp.Most floor and table lamps will take up much needed floor space. In a small bedroom floor space is at a premium and a hanging lamp can accent your furniture and illuminate your room.

    Padmas Plantation Lina Elpise Lamp

I hope these tips will help you find the right furniture for you bedroom. If you have any helpful tips please share them with us, we would love to know.