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Distressed Cream Coffee Table

Distressed Cream Coffee Table

A cream furniture finish is a versatile and effective solution for many design scenarios. Being a neutral color, cream can be used in almost any color scheme or decor arrangement. Cream finishes work especially well in Country-style rooms, though they can be used in many other situations, sometimes even more effectively. Let’s take this distressed cream coffee table for instance:

Safavieh Bosco Distressed Cream Coffee Table

In this particular scene we see the table being used in a more Transitional, perhaps leaning toward Contemporary, room. It looks great in contrast with the other neutral colors of the room, and it’s clean white tone pops out of the background making it a strong focal point. This is an effective use of a¬†distressed cream coffee table, but let’s consider some other possibilities.

Country-style rooms often use cream finishes and distressing (sometimes severe distressing) to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Cream, being a nice neutral color, does not have the harshness of pure white which makes it complementary to many light, natural wood finishes. Especially in our example of a mildly distressed table with its classic spun legs, this table would work quite well in a variety of Country-themed spaces.

Cream, being nearly white and indistinguishable among darker colors, can also work well in Contemporary decor. The photo above shows how well cream pops with light gray and beige, imagine it combined with a stark black. This distressed cream coffee table could pair well with the black leather or black fabric of a living room sofa and gray carpet or walls. Cream and black needs to be used carefully though, as overusing this combination can be abrasive, even for Modern decor.

All in all, we see that a distressed cream coffee table has an impressive ability to be both neutral and versatile, but also harsh and powerful. Not that you should run out and buy a distressed cream coffee table just for the heck of it, but if you can visualize any of these scenarios working well in your home, chances are you and your visitors will enjoy the strategic use of such a piece. Check out the Safavieh Bosco Distressed Cream Coffee Table (pictured above) if you can see this particular piece improving your home decor, or browse for plenty of other cream-colored pieces including other distressed cream coffee tables.