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Platform Beds for Teens

Platform Beds for Teens

Platform beds for teens are great for your child’s bedroom because they provide more flexibility in design and functionality. Platform beds tend to be cheaper than a full bed frame + box spring setup, so you aren’t investing a ton of money in something that might be grown-out-of or unused after your child goes off to college. Platform beds come in many styles and designs, including raised deck constructions that provide storage space underneath. Some platform beds even come with drawers and other storage compartments to get the most out of the extra space beneath the bed where a box spring would normally go. Platform beds use either slats or a deck to support the mattress, so a box spring is not necessary like it is with normal bed frames.

Modloft Madison Twin Platform Beds for Teens in Wind Chime

Platform beds for teens are also a good choice because they have more variation in style and color. Unlike traditional bed frames, you won’t just find a wooden headboard and footboard in a range of wood finishes. From black metal, to wood, to customizable upholstery colors,  your teen can choose a bed frame to match their room and style. They can also choose from a range of designs such as low-profile, raised deck, and constructions with built-in storage.

Modloft Madison Twin Platform Beds for Teens - room scene

Check out our selection of kids beds and platform beds for teens, as well as our complete selection of platform beds to find a good match for your son or daughter. As always, we carry only high-quality products from name brand companies like Hillsdale, Modloft, and Amisco, so you can be confident you are getting a quality product at the best price available anywhere, online or in-store.

Sleigh Bed Headboards

Sleigh Bed Headboards


Sleigh bed headboards have a classic charm and elegance inspired by the French and American Empire period of the 19th century. That Empire style drew its inspiration from ancient Rome and Greece. What makes sleigh bed headboards unique is their curved shape (usually paired with a similarly curved footboard) that resembles an old-fashioned sleigh.


Sleigh bed headboards were traditionally made of wood and quite heavy, though today they can be made from a variety of materials including wood, iron, aluminum, and steel. Modern sleigh bed headboards usually exhibit less dramatic curves than they did in the 19th century, retaining the enhanced visual interest and character without the extravagance or social statement. These slightly curved modern sleigh bed headboards are much more practical, and many make great backrests that benefit from the curved shape.

upholstered sleigh bed headboards art-furniture-st-germain-upholstered-sleigh-bed-2

So if you were wondering what exactly makes sleigh bed headboards different, or were thinking of getting one for your bedroom, we have a large selection of sleigh beds and headboards available at! Check them out or contact us to learn more.

leather padded sleigh bed headboards hooker-tynecastle-sleigh-bed-1


Coastal Style Beds at Home

Coastal Style Beds at Home

Coastal Style Beds: tommy-bahama-island-estate-west-indies-bed-1

Coastal style beds are a great way to transform a humdrum bedroom into something special. Whether you want a bed inspired by an exotic tropical getaway, a vacation to the coast, or a just a sunny day at the beach, you can bring that relaxing, worry-free Coastal atmosphere home with you. Coastal style beds encompass a wide range of subtypes, giving you many options within the group as a whole. Whether you want something more bold and striking, or something erring towards conservative and Traditional, you can find a bed that suits your personality while still embodying warm, relaxing, Coastal style.

Coastal Style Beds: aico-biscayne-west-panel-bed-in-sand-2

Coastal style beds make use of materials like Rattan, Driftwood, Bamboo, and exotic woods like Mango. As you can imagine, Sand finishes are very common as they complement the material types and exemplify Coastal style. The warm Sand finished wood of Coastal style beds often uses slatted or panel designs for a casual look and feel that induces worry-free relaxation. A Coastal style bedroom can be a great way to let go of the stress of your day, and also an invigorating way to wake up in the morning. Coastal style beds work especially well in naturally-lit rooms with plenty of windows or a balcony.

Coastal Style Beds: lexington-monterey-sands-cypress-point-bed-2

Check out our great selection of Coastal style beds at!

Teen Daybeds for the Bedroom

Teen Daybeds for the Bedroom


Teen daybeds are a clever and effective way to save space in the bedroom. Teen daybeds provide both a couch and a bed in the space of either. This not only means more floor space for activities and other furniture, but it also means less sitting on the bed which can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Teens love the multi-functionality of daybeds as they are a good solution for a number of uses. Whether sitting up and watching TV or playing video games, doing homework, laying down and relaxing or talking on the phone, or simply sleeping, teen daybeds are an effective solution. This makes them a solid center for the bedroom where your teen will gravitate for a range of reasons.


The multi-functionality of teen daybeds doesn’t just stop at a seating and sleeping area. Most models offer additional functionality with either built-in drawers or a trundle base as seen in the pictures above and below. In this case, the New Energy Spice Cherry Nightfall Daybed offers both options in addition to being a practical and universally attractive piece. This daybed would look great in just about any bedroom, and has plenty of options for a very flexible and multi-functional piece. Whether your teen could use additional storage in their room, or a trundle mattress for sleepovers, the New Energy Spice Cherry Nightfall Daybed is a great solution. This in addition to the already practical design of the daybed. Also, most teen daybeds fit a standard Twin size mattress so you can choose the right mattress (or keep your old one) and not sacrifice sleep quality for the benefits of the daybed. Teen daybeds truly are a win, win, win.


Clearance Beds

Clearance Beds


The bed is where you start and end each day. It’s the center of the bedroom, and for some, the center of their home. The bed is often the very first piece put into a new home, which is metaphorically the first brick in the construction of the style, theme, and atmosphere built around it. So buying the right bed is a big decision and, usually, a big investment. But that doesn’t mean it needs to cost as much as a car! Especially for those just starting off on their own, without any set guidelines on style or theme, the possibilities are wide open for investing in your first bed. A few factors need to be taken into account to narrow the field, such as mattress size (will you be sleeping alone? how big is the bedroom? what is your budget?), bed size (can you fit a canopy? do you want extravagant style or practicality and maximized floor space? can you physically get that bed frame into your fourth story apartment?), bed style (you might not want a natural wood finish bed in your white and black painted, Contemporary style apartment unit), and lastly, your budget. The first three depend largely on the situation, but as for budget, everyone wants to save money! One great way to do that, especially when starting off on your own, is to shop clearance beds. Chances are you don’t have much, or any, furniture to have a pre-set style (or maybe you just don’t overly care), your first home probably has some flexibility on the style of furniture that would work well within, and, especially if you don’t already have a mattress, your size options are flexible as well. With an open attitude you can then shop available Clearance Beds and let the savings decide the right piece to start off your new home.

Money in the Mattress

When shopping the Clearance Beds, rule out the options that simply won’t work (if you’re a single sleeper, you probably don’t need a King size bed taking up that much floor space), and then compare price and favoritism to narrow in on the potential options (that $2,000 bed might be more like the one you imagined in your head, but by getting the $500 bed instead, you just saved 2 months worth of rent!). Once you’ve narrowed it down to the best options budget-wise (assuming there are viable options that suit your needs), then you can make the decisions of what size, style, and design suits you best: a metal or a wood frame, Traditional or Contemporary style, a standard bed or an alternative such as a daybed or sleeper sofa, etc. By the end of this process, you will hopefully have narrowed down the deeply discounted Clearance Beds to a few suitable options from which to choose the best one for you. Consider the pros and cons of the design, as well as the style and size. Do some preliminary research on other furniture of the same style to see if you can find good matching pieces for certain styles as opposed to other. In the end, you will hopefully have narrowed down the limited Clearance Beds selection to the best item for you. Make sure you the savings are worth any sacrifices you may be making for a full-price bed of a different type, but at Clearance prices, the choice is usually pretty easy.