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The Lane Bulldog Recliner

The Lane Bulldog Recliner

The Lane Bulldog Comfort King Rocker Recliner is a sturdy and comfortable rocker recliner chair designed for persons weighing up to 350 pounds. It features an extra tall seat back and chair height suitable for taller individuals and its entire Comfort King mechanism is constructed from 7-gauge steel for exceptional sturdiness and durability. The Lane Bulldog Recliner also uses mortise and tenon joint construction, the most effective modern technique for long-lasting durability. In the seat, high-quality 8-gauge tempered steel coils are attached directly into the frame’s seat box so they won’t break free. Additionally, pre-loaded and stress relieved 3.5-inch, 15-gauge high-tinsel coil wire provides consistent support and superior comfort to the seat while conforming better to the contours of the body. Meanwhile, the back cushion features channel compartments to help keep the fibers in place and maintain the supportive shape of the chair for longer. Lastly, the Lane Bulldog Recliner passes rigorous testing requirements including color fastness, abrasion testing, and dynamic seam fatigue so you can count on the supportive interior and stylish exterior of this product.

Lane Bulldog Comfort King Rocker Recliner

In conclusion, the Lane Bulldog Recliner is a comfortable and attractive reclining chair that is made to last. Fully reclined, the Lane Bulldog Recliner is the length of a King size mattress so anyone can lounge comfortably. The pillow arm design and generous padding in the seat and backrest will make you wish you never had to leave your Lane Bulldog Recliner. Whether kicking bad after a hard day of work, relaxing and watching the game, or taking a much needed nap, the Lane Bulldog Comfort King Rocker Recliner is a great solution that will provide you with quality comfort for many years. Order from for the lowest price on the Lane Bulldog Recliner, and get a great deal on unbeatable comfort. You can also choose your fabric for the perfect look to match any room in your home!

Oversized Camo Recliners for Hunting Season!

Oversized Camo Recliners for Hunting Season!

We all have a hunter in our life, someone who considers the beginning of the holiday season opening day for whitetail, and whose favorite color is camo. Our oversized camo recliners make a great gift for any hunter, especially those who like a comfy lounging chair (I mean, who doesn’t?). These chairs are great for bringing the great outdoors home with you, or for using in your cabin! These oversized camo recliners are so comfortable that they will quickly become the favorite chair in the house, or the perfect napping spot between the morning and evening hunt.

catnapper-magnum-recliner-mossy-oak-1 oversized camo recliner

The Catnapper Magnum Camouflage Oversized Chaise Rocker Recliner with Heat and Massage and X-tra Comfort Footrest in Mossy Oak is the most comfortable oversized camo recliner chair available. It is chair-and-a-half size, reclines (obviously), and also includes heat and massage features. This chair is made to last, with the strongest seat box ever manufactured and the strongest, most durable base in the recliner industry. The reclining mechanism is manual and reinforced, so you don’t need electricity in your cabin to recline, and it’s also more durable. This chair uses over fifty independently active, 15-gauge, heat tempered coils. This ensures exceptional performance and a long-lasting comfort, and Comfor-Gel memory foam reinforces the coils while also promoting quiet comfort that is less likely to squeak when you move. The chair is upholstered in the Mossy Oak New Break-Up fabric that is computer-enhanced for a realistic woodland camouflage.

catnapper-magnum-recliner-mossy-oak-2 oversized camo recliner fabric pattern


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Camo Sleeper Sofa by Jackson Furniture

Camo Sleeper Sofa by Jackson Furniture

The Jackson Big Game Camouflage Sleeper is more than just a fashionable seating solution for the hunter in your life. This camo sleeper sofa is one of the most popular pieces from Jackson Furniture, a company known for it’s high-quality, comfortable, and long lasting assortment of upholstered couches, sofas, and chairs. Whether you are looking for the centerpiece to your man cave, a functional piece for your hunting cabin, or a living room piece for the hunter in your life, this camo sleeper sofa is a great solution.

jackson-big-game-sleeper-1 camo sleeper sofa

The upholstery of Jackson’s camo sleeper sofa uses the Mossy Oak New Break-Up fabric. This fabric uses a popular camo design that is computer-enhanced for impressive realism. Hunters will love the camo design, and everyone will appreciate the exceptional quality that goes into the upholstery, bringing the atmosphere of the outdoors to any room.

jackson-big-game-sleeper-2 camo sleeper sofa

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My Mayfield Sheets

My Mayfield Sheets

[Mayfield Sheet Set in White]

It’s not often that I get to do a personal review on a product I own. With all of the products we have at it’s simply not possible to test every item personally; But it just so happened that a suggestion for writing an article about Mayfield sheets came down the pipe no more than a month after I purchased a set for my own bed. So this article will cover my experience of the product without any bias.

Simply put, I think my Mayfield sheet set is great. Now let’s be clear, I am no linens expert or bedding connoisseur. I have never spent a night in a bed with 100% Italian-woven Egyptian Cotton bedding, or a full silk set, I’m just a regular Joe who sleeps with regular sheets. So far be it from me to say anything like “they’re the best on the market” or “you can’t beat them,” but at their two-digit price point I couldn’t be happier.

To start, they look great. I got an Onyx set which is a dark gray (looks almost black to me), and the color is rich and consistent. The dark color gives my mattress a bold color that not only looks nice itself, but really makes the bedding POP. (Especially my Batman blanket…)


[Onyx Color from Mayfield]

Second, the 300 thread count. Again, I’m not a linens expert, but I know that thread counts can go much higher than 300. But just rubbing a corner of one of the sheets between my finger and thumb dispelled my suspicion that they might feel rough and catchy. These sheets won’t be mistaken for silk, but they feel smooth and refreshing against the skin.

Which leads me to my next point: they sleep cool. Cotton is a good breathable material, recommended for summer bedding along with linen and wool. I don’t have air conditioning in my apartment, and these sheets do a great job of not overheating me during the night. They retain that refreshing cool feel whenever I shift positions or roll over.

Lastly, Mayfield sheets are made in the U.S.A. I’m not the type to only buy American, but it’s nice to know that the sheet set I got for a bargain was made in America. It’s also nice to see that an American company is able to offer a product of good quality at a price that is hard to beat even by foreign made competitors.

So if you are looking to replace or buy an additional sheet set (especially for the summer), I can personally vouche that you are getting your money’s worth with Mayfield sheets!

Here’s the Batman blanket, as promised:

[Mayfield Sheets in Onyx on my bed]