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Create a Lodge-Inspired Room with our Room Designer!

Create a Lodge-Inspired Room with our Room Designer!

The temperature is dropping, the snow is starting to fall; it’s time to embrace the Winter Season!

And I have the perfect indoor hobby, creating a room with our Room Designer! I just created a Lodge-inspired Living Room complete with a brown leather sofa and love seat, and rustic tables and lamps.

Lodge from Room Designer

Sofa, Love seat, Wall Art, Lamps, Accent Table, Rug, Pillows, Cocktail Table, End Table

Your turn! What style will you create?

Combining Furniture Styles

Combining Furniture Styles

Over the last few years, I’ve seen a lot of my friends get married and settle into their first homes. I always enjoy the first visit to a couple’s new home. In fact, if they’re especially close friends of mine, I like to visit during various stages of completion. Whether they’re building a new house, reconstructing a fixer-upper, or settling into a new apartment, I always find it interesting to watch two people blend their styles into one look. Sometimes, one person’s tastes dominate, and other times, couples compromise and combine each design sensibility into a new cohesive whole. One question I frequently hear my friends ask is, “What kind of look should we go for?” When I hear this, I can’t help but offer my opinion, and I usually say, “Your own.”

Sure, there are design styles and philosophies that set trends we all follow, but I think a home’s décor should be a reflection of each partner’s personality and preferences. I have two friends whose home perfectly demonstrates this union. Tom is a pretty regular guy with a preference for traditional design, and his wife, Tish, has a passion for the sleek and clean aesthetic of a contemporary décor. Their home is filled with pieces reflecting each look, and it really works well as a complete whole. Tom loves their Largo Furniture wood kitchen table, and Tish is particularly fond of the clean minimalism of their white cabinets. On paper, these two design senses might clash, but when put into practice, they can create a captivating décor. So, if you’re wondering what look you and your partner should create in your home, I think the best choice is your own.

Quick Kitchen Updates Without Breaking the Bank

Quick Kitchen Updates Without Breaking the Bank

Barstool and Counterstools

Updating your kitchen can be very expensive, but why not make a subtle change and get a whole new look without spending too much!  Many of you have breakfast bars and islands in our kitchens, why not add new (or replace old)  counter or bar stools to create a brand new look and add great seating while you are at it. Make this area the heart of the home, an area to do homework, pay bills, socialize.

Not only do stools come in a variety of styles and colors they come in different heights. Lets talk a little bit about getting the right size and spacing.

1.       Counter Height: These stools are commonly 23’’-28’’ inches from seat to ground. These work best with counters, bars and tables that are 35’’-37’’ high.

2.       Bar Height: This height is compatible with counters 41’’-43’’ high and the seats of the stools are traditionally are 29’’-32’’ inches high.

You also want to make sure that you do not overcrowd your space. Spacing is key, industry standard is that the center of each stool should be 14’’ from the side edge of the counter and 28’’ apart (measured from center-line of each stool).

From there it comes down to your personal style, taste and features. Look for details like foot rests, memory swivels (the chair returns to forward facing when you stand up), upholstery (or not) and back details. Remember you are going to be looking at the backs of the stool most of the time, so pay attention to the back detail most.

Thoughts, questions, ideas? Comment below!


Our Fantasy Football League Recommends Furniture For Football Season

Our Fantasy Football League Recommends Furniture For Football Season

Last year we gave a few recommendations on the perfect piece of furniture for football season.  This year we are letting the members of the Furniture Crate Fantasy Football League give recommendations on what pieces  of furniture are essential for football season.

Team Braxton

Manager: Jamie B

1st Draft Pick: Calvin Johnson

I would recommend the Lane Freestyle Rocker Recliner in Knickerbocker Navy , every guy needs a comfortable recliner to watch sports in! Also I’m a Colts fan so I’m big on the blue color.



Bubble Guppies


Team Bubble Guppies

Manager: Michelle K

1st Pick:  Aaron Rodgers (which was hard decision since she is a Vikings fan)

Sectional sofas are great to host a lot of people for a party while watching the game!  One of my favorites is the Klaussner Loomis Sectional.



Team Mejor Equipo


Team Mejor Equipo

Manager:  Joe G

1st Pick:  Adrian Peterson

I would recommend the Protect-A-Bed Pillow Protector because of its superior waterproofing and it affordable price – that way I can buy each of my competitors one so they don’t damage their pillows when they have to cry themselves to sleep after I beat them!


Ramona Neopolitano

Team Ramona Neopolitano

Manager:  Bobby M

1st Pick:  Michael Vick

I would recommend the Magnussen Urban Safari Platform Complete Bed . You ask why a bed?  The other managers in the league might as well stay in bed when they face me in fantasy football.  Since they are going to stay in bed all Sunday they should stay in a stylish and comfortable bed.



I hope you enjoy some of the suggestions from member of our Fantasy Football league.  We would love to know  what are your recommendations for the perfect furniture for football season.

Furniture for Small Bedrooms

Furniture for Small Bedrooms

What is the first thing we notice about a bedroom when we first step in?  It’s the furniture, most importantly the bed.  Every piece of furniture in a bedroom, large or small has an effect on how comfortable a bedroom feels.  Everyone wants a bedroom that looks big and spacious.  So when we have a small bedroom finding furniture that makes it feel spacious is a very difficult task.  If you have a small bedroom you are probably well aware of the dilemma I just described.    If you are looking for furniture for a small bedroom here are a few tips you can live by.

  1. Buy multifunctional bedroom pieces.
    Multifunctional bedroom pieces will help create space in your small bedroom by, serving two purposes at once.  Most multi functional furniture is usually a loft, which has a bed above a desk, like the Powell Monster Bedroom Loft Bunk Bed.  There are alternatives to the loft bed like Fashion Bed Group Student Center Bed, which is a bed the folds into a desk.


    Fashion Bed Group Student Center

    If a loft is not for you, try a daybed. The Night & Day Teddy Roosevelt Daybed can transform from loveseat, to a lounger, and to a bed that can sleep up to two people; now that’s multifunctional. Another option to think about is a futon.  Now these are not the futon you remembered from college. Futons can provide storage and are very comfortable, like the Night & Day Winter Futon With Drawer.


    Night and Day Teddy Roosevelt Daybed

    A company called Resource Furniture has specialized in space saving furniture.  Check out there different pieces that would work great in any small bedroom.

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  2. Buy a chest instead of a dresser.Most dressers are large and take up a lot of space. Dressers are usually two drawers wide and about 3-4 drawers high. A chest is 1 drawer wide and 6-8 drawers high. A chest will only take half the space than a dresser.

    Magnussen Generations Chest 

  4. Buy a large floor length mirror.A large mirror will help lengthen the room. It’s a simple solution that will help your small room look twice the size.

  6. Try a hanging lamp.Most floor and table lamps will take up much needed floor space. In a small bedroom floor space is at a premium and a hanging lamp can accent your furniture and illuminate your room.

    Padmas Plantation Lina Elpise Lamp

I hope these tips will help you find the right furniture for you bedroom. If you have any helpful tips please share them with us, we would love to know.

How to measure for your home and delivery

How to measure for your home and delivery

Once you’ve selected your new furniture, you’ll want to make sure that it can fit into your space.  You will also want to take note that it can be delivered into your home, it may need to fit thru doorways, entryways, stairways, and elevators.  You don’t want to be the one that ends up hauling a sofa through your window or balcony (although it has worked for some, but not recommended for safety reasons!)

Following these basic guidelines will help ensure an easier delivery:

  • Take note of your new furniture’s dimensions; back height, width, depth, and diagonal depth (the distance between the bottom in the back and the space between the top of the back and the bottom front), and diagonal height (the distance between one of the corners on the bottom and the opposite corner on the top).
    • Determining diagonal depth and height is helpful when you need to bring in a piece of furniture on end or at an angle
  • Make sure that it can fit into the space you have planned.
  • Measure the height and width of your hallways, entryways, doorways. Don’t forget the elevator if you use one.
  • Determine if you furniture will fit straight in or if it needs to go at an angle.
    • Your sofa depth should be less than the entryway/doorway dimensions.
    • The diagonal depth should be less than the entryway/doorways.
    • Diagonal height should be less than the height of the rooms, hallways.
  • Make sure that you have a clear path for delivery.  Take note of any banisters, lighting, mouldings, or other fixtures that may obstruct delivery.

Please note that this is only a guide and does not guarantee that your furniture will fit.  You should consider the entire path from delivery truck to your room for practicality.

Baby stages

Baby stages

Sydney & The OttomanI would love to tell you about my first born little girl, Sydney.  She is a rambunctious little 9 month old who is starting to crawl and pull herself up.  Exciting as this stage in her life is, it’s frightening for me that she will fall and hurt herself.  Our coffee table is wood, and has a corner that is sharp for any little toddler.  I fear that she is going to fall on her next exploration of standing and hit her head on the corner; I definitely don’t want her to get hurt.

So my husband and I decided to get a storage ottoman .  We think that this will help ease our minds, as probably most parents do.  And one of the best parts is that it will help us control all of her toys!!  I also think it will be a good idea for her to already get in the habit of putting her toys away at the end of the night, and having an ottoman easily accessible will be great!

Please share with us any of your little baby stories!

Furniture Care

Furniture Care

Now that you’ve received your new furniture, you’ll want to make sure that take good care of it so that it will last for years to come.  Below are some helpful hints to ensure your furniture’s well being.  Always read and follow care label instructions from your actual piece of furniture first.

Furniture Care

For Upholstered or Slipcovered Furniture

  • Do not leave spills unattended.  If you have a spill, try spot cleaning.
    • Spot clean with a damp cloth or sponge; blot to remove excess water; air dry.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Do not place hot objects on surface.
  • Vacuum and rotate cushion periodically
  • If you have a Washable slipcover. Refer to additional Care Sheet
  • Do not leave newspaper or other printed material lying on surface

For Wood or Solid Surfaces

  • Dust with a soft dry cloth
  • Do not leave spills unattended
  • Do not use abrasive cleaner.
  • Avoid direct sunlight to avoid fading
  • Use furniture wax if needed