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Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector

Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector

Protect your investment for cheap!

The Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector is an affordable way to ensure your mattress doesn’t get ruined by a spill or other unfortunate occurrence. You’re going to spend hundreds or maybe even thousands on your new mattress, so to think you could protect that investment for a mere $40 seems like a no-brainer. There are many mattress protectors options out there, but the Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector sets itself apart as an excellent value. There are more expensive mattress protectors out there, but the Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector provides really everything you need to keep your mattress safe from spills and stains at a surprisingly low price.


Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector
Leggett & Platt Home Textiles Platinum Mattress Protector
The Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector

The top fabric of the Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector is made from 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester for comfort with some stain protection. The backing of the cover is then made from 100% Polyurethane for a waterproof layer that will keep your mattress dry even if you spill an entire cup of water. The Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector is designed to provide a comfortable surface and not alter the feel of your bed, so you don’t have to sacrifice anything to protect your mattress. The Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector is also helpful for resisting dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens than can collect in your mattress and cause asthma and eczema. So create a healthier sleep environment while protecting your mattress with the Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector. This protector is also machine washable for easy maintenance, and comes backed by a 10-year warranty that covers both the protector and your mattress under normal circumstances!

Simply put, everyone should insure their mattress investment with the Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector.

The Beautyrest TruEnergy Plush Memory Foam Pillow

The Beautyrest TruEnergy Plush Memory Foam Pillow

When you think of Beautyrest, you probably think of the award winning mattress line that helped put Simmons in the top 3 mattress manufacturers in the country; but Beautyrest is about more than just mattresses. The Beautyrest TruEnergy Plush Memory Foam Pillow uses the same advanced memory foam technology you would find in Beautyrest mattresses, adjusted to suit the needs of a pillow.

The Beautyrest TruEnergy Plush Memory Foam Pillow simmons-beauty-rest-nxg-plush-pillow-1

The Beautyrest TruEnergy Plush Memory Foam Pillow scores a 4 out of 5 on our pillow Comfort Scale. This rating is medium-soft, so the pillow has plenty of give but won’t fall flat. It uses AirCool Memory Foam for faster recovery and more efficient heat dissipation than traditional memory foam. AirCool Memory Foam was developed by Simmons’ R&D department in conjunction with one of the country’s foremost foam chemists. With a Beautyrest TruEnergy Plush Memory Foam Pillow, you can fall asleep every night with your head supported by a soft, supportive, and comfortably cool pillow.

The Beautyrest TruEnergy Plush Memory Foam Pillow simmons-beauty-rest-nxg-plush-pillow-2

The Beautyrest TruEnergy Plush Memory Foam Pillow is made in the U.S. and comes backed by a 3-year warranty. Check out this pillow and many more at the lowest prices available anywhere, only at!

Guest Bedroom Furniture (Part II)

Guest Bedroom Furniture (Part II)

Last week we covered the essentials of guest bedroom furniture to provide tips for planning the basic pieces necessary to provide your guests with the functionality they need for a comfortable and convenient stay. This week we will expand on some of those ideas, and go even further with others, to suggest ways you can go above and beyond the essentials and provide outstanding hospitality for your guests. Topics to consider are the Comfort Scale rating of the guest bedroom mattress, proper bedding, extras in the room such as decor and a TV, and lastly room layout/location for those still in the stages of floor planning. With these topics covered, in addition to Guest Bedroom Furniture (Part I), you should be prepared to develop a game plan and begin shopping for the right pieces of guest bedroom furniture for your home.


Last time we covered the ideal mattress sizes for your guest bedroom, but not mattress comfort. This might not be something you immediately realize as important, but keep in mind that the type of mattress you find comfortable might not be the type that others find comfortable! Perhaps you fall on one end of the spectrum, say a Comfort Scale rating of 1-3 or 8+; if you give a mattress for your guest bedroom the old 2-minute lie down test in a showroom and pick the one you like, it might not be right for others or even the majority of your guests. For example, if you like an extra soft mattress, say something plush scoring a 9 on the Comfort Scale, and then your parents or grandparents come to visit, the lack of back support and difficulty getting in and out of such a giving mattress would be brutal. On the flip side, if you like the supportive feel of a firm mattress for your own back problems, say a 2 on the Comfort Scale, and have grown accustomed to the less forgiving feel of such a mattress, you might by one like that from your lie down test in a showroom. Then you have some friends from out of town come stay for the weekend, and compared to their plush mattress back home, they feel like they are sleeping on a rock in your guest bedroom! Although it is virtually impossible to please everyone, there are steps that you can take to minimize the discomfort of your varied guests, and come close to the preferred Comfort Scale for the majority.

The best way to go for finding the right type of mattress for a guest bedroom is to look for that elusive “Goldilocks” mattress that has a mid-range comfort that will work well, or at least not be on the opposite end of the Comfort Scale, for the majority of guests. With that strategy, shooting for something with a Comfort Scale rating of 5 is probably ideal. You may encounter instances in which the brand you are loyal to, or the price range you are looking at, does not offer a mattress in the ideal size and Comfort Scale rating you had in mind. In this case, shifting up to 6 is probably the best way to lean, then down to 4. Although it is a 1 point shift on our Comfort Scale either way, some side sleepers may experience pressure related discomfort in the hips and shoulders if they sleep through the night on one of their sides on a mattress erring towards firm. Whereas a guest who needs higher-than-normal back support will probably be okay for a night or two on a slightly softer mattress with a 6 Comfort Scale (and they are also more likely to be used to comfort discrepancies from hotel visits if they have a very specific preferred comfort zone). Of course, if you can predict your guest population will be primarily leaning one way or the other, it would be wise to adjust the mattress comfort accordingly. But a universal or, at the very least, a compromising mid-range comfort mattress is a smart way to go when choosing your guest bedroom furniture. And this is just another reason why shopping online using an objective, quantifiable scale can be better than the 2-minute showroom test.


In addition to the mattress itself, the bed and bedding to go along with it can make or break the comfort of a guest’s night’s stay. Although the type of bed isn’t overly important, consider the platform bed which does not require a box spring. This type of bed usually offers extra storage space underneath, and usually has a lower height which makes it easier to get in and out of bed. Next, for guests who don’t bring their own pillow, it may be wise to have a selection of pillows available. At least a mix of low- and high-loft pillows would be wise. To cover all of your bases, pillows and pillowcases with allergen-reducing properties will ensure your guests won’t have to suffer through a sensitive allergy issue you may not have been aware of. Lastly, either a universal bedding set or the appropriate number of seasonal bedding sets will ensure your guests will be comfortable no matter what time of year they visit. You don’t want summer guests using a thick winter comforter or winter guests freezing underneath a thin sheet! It would also be a good idea to have at least two sets of the proper bedding in the event of a spill or other accident that might require the set in use to need washed. Planning ahead can save you headache and embarrassment as host!


Getting less essential as we go down the list, decor can be something worth thinking about when planning your guest bedroom furniture. Do you want to develop the room with a theme in mind? An overall style influence? Purely comfort and functionality? It is best not to use a guest bedroom as the catchall for all of your secondhand pieces and knickknacks, though you know what kind of effect you are going for, if any. Avoid valuable or delicate decorations, not only for your sake, but for the sake of an unfortunate guest who might knock something over being unaccustomed to the layout and feel terrible for an accident that could sully the entire visit. But simple and interesting decor such as paintings and other wall decor can make a guest feel relaxed and have something to take in when just passing a few minutes in the privacy of their room. Another similar consideration is the inclusion of a TV in your guest bedroom. Obviously the intent is not to keep your guests pent up in their room where they need a TV, but during the off-hours or right before bed, many guests may find a bit of comfort in being able to kick back and watch something familiar in the privacy of their own room. This can be a good way to combat homesickness, and just a way to give your guests somewhere to escape to if they need some time to themselves.


Although this last bit is not intended for those looking to furnish a guest bedroom, it may be worth touching on for those who are still planning the layout of their new home. If you plan on having overnight guests, and are deciding where a guest bedroom should go and how it should be laid out, here are a few suggestions: Proximity to bathrooms is important. If the guest bedroom doesn’t have an attached bathroom itself, try to locate the guest room near a bathroom with as few turns as possible. Waking up in the middle of the night and being afraid to wander around your host’s home looking for the bathroom can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation. Similar to that, placing the bed and light switch for the guest bedroom as close as possible is a good idea. You don’t want your guests fumbling around in the dark in a foreign room searching for the light switch! A nightlight would be another thoughtful addition for guests. Likewise, having plenty of power outlets for your guests to charge cell phones and other devices is important in a guest bedroom, and make sure there is at least one within reach of the bed/nightstand. Finally, and this one may seem obvious, don’t put your guest bedroom in a windowless room. Windows provide natural and comforting light which is great to wake up to, offer temperature regulation and something to look at, and also provide peace of mind as a fire escape.

With Guest Bedroom Furniture (Parts I and II), we have no covered a substantial amount of information that will hopefully help you when planning a guest bedroom in your home. At the very least, I hope something in this series has given you an “aha moment” as something you might have overlooked or not considered previously. Either way, you should be more prepared now to begin the potentially daunting task of creating a room for your guests to consider their home away from home, and we here at FurnitureCrate are happy to help you with your guest bedroom furniture needs every step of the way!

My Mayfield Sheets

My Mayfield Sheets

[Mayfield Sheet Set in White]

It’s not often that I get to do a personal review on a product I own. With all of the products we have at it’s simply not possible to test every item personally; But it just so happened that a suggestion for writing an article about Mayfield sheets came down the pipe no more than a month after I purchased a set for my own bed. So this article will cover my experience of the product without any bias.

Simply put, I think my Mayfield sheet set is great. Now let’s be clear, I am no linens expert or bedding connoisseur. I have never spent a night in a bed with 100% Italian-woven Egyptian Cotton bedding, or a full silk set, I’m just a regular Joe who sleeps with regular sheets. So far be it from me to say anything like “they’re the best on the market” or “you can’t beat them,” but at their two-digit price point I couldn’t be happier.

To start, they look great. I got an Onyx set which is a dark gray (looks almost black to me), and the color is rich and consistent. The dark color gives my mattress a bold color that not only looks nice itself, but really makes the bedding POP. (Especially my Batman blanket…)


[Onyx Color from Mayfield]

Second, the 300 thread count. Again, I’m not a linens expert, but I know that thread counts can go much higher than 300. But just rubbing a corner of one of the sheets between my finger and thumb dispelled my suspicion that they might feel rough and catchy. These sheets won’t be mistaken for silk, but they feel smooth and refreshing against the skin.

Which leads me to my next point: they sleep cool. Cotton is a good breathable material, recommended for summer bedding along with linen and wool. I don’t have air conditioning in my apartment, and these sheets do a great job of not overheating me during the night. They retain that refreshing cool feel whenever I shift positions or roll over.

Lastly, Mayfield sheets are made in the U.S.A. I’m not the type to only buy American, but it’s nice to know that the sheet set I got for a bargain was made in America. It’s also nice to see that an American company is able to offer a product of good quality at a price that is hard to beat even by foreign made competitors.

So if you are looking to replace or buy an additional sheet set (especially for the summer), I can personally vouche that you are getting your money’s worth with Mayfield sheets!

Here’s the Batman blanket, as promised:

[Mayfield Sheets in Onyx on my bed]
High Point Market

High Point Market

High Point Market was another success! We enjoyed seeing the new products from our Vendors and even visited some new ones. My favorite part this year were the new fabrics. The smooth microfiber is looking to be a thing of the past and now everything is made up with chenille or textured fabrics. It gives the furniture an overall high end look, and who doesn’t want that, right?

Another favorite is the beautiful beds! I’m always impressed with the different woods finishes and upholstery, and details that go into creating such a big piece of furniture! Here are a few photos of my favorites!

IMG_0983 IMG_0990 IMG_0985 IMG_0993 IMG_0992 IMG_0994 IMG_1001

Create a Contemporary Bedroom with our Room Designer!

Create a Contemporary Bedroom with our Room Designer!

Have you tried our Room Designer lately?

I’ve created a contemporary bedroom with gray, white, and silver accents. This room is inspired by the latest gloomy weather we’ve had on our side of the country.

Even something lacking in color can be beautiful!

gray 1 gray 2 gray 3

Fashion Bed Group Euro Bed, Uttermost Kagami Mirror, Momeni Radiance Rug, Sferra Simple Celeste Duvet Cover, Uttermost Metal Comtempo Lamp, Modloft Jane Dresser, Zuo Modern Wilco Side Table, Handy Living Sasha Chair, Safavieh Becca Side Table

My Top 3 Color Combinations!

My Top 3 Color Combinations!

Picking colors for your room usually starts off by finding a color, whether it’s the latest trend or a long time love, and pairing it with a beige, gray, or brown. BUT, what if instead of choosing that safe beige color, you pick another color?

Pairing two strong colors can liven up your room and give you more options with accessories and design.

Check out my favorite color combinations!

1. Powder Blue & Orange

eastern-accents-capri-paradise-sunrise-bolster-2 original_Tobi-Fairley-Houndstooth-Pillows_s4x3_lg living room 1

2. Gold & Plum

fuscia_wall-resized-600 DB06.1e

3. Red & Teal

red.teal 6794144741_b99143aef1_z

The Power of Comfortable Bedding

The Power of Comfortable Bedding

It’s likely that you put a lot of time and thought into purchasing your mattress. You probably went to a few stores, looked online, and talked to some friends before deciding which mattress you wanted to spend your nights lying on for the next several years. This is common. Most of us put a lot of effort into picking the right mattress because we want to make sure we feel as comfortable as possible while we sleep. But while we put so much focus and research into finding the right mattress, most of us only spend a fraction of that time picking out bedding. We might pick a particular comforter because it fits in well with the bedroom’s décor, or we might choose a sheet set based on price alone. When we do this, we deprive ourselves of enjoying the full comfort potential of our sleep sets.

A friend of mine owns and operates a bed and breakfast in Vermont. It’s a real quaint and cozy place. I remember him telling me once about a few couples who complained about the comfort of the mattress in their room. He couldn’t believe it because he had spent a lot of money on that mattress, but when I asked him about the bedding he chose, it all made sense. He bought bargain sheets that were gritty and uncomfortable. No wonder his guests complained! I told him to find higher quality bedding, like a set of Stearns & Foster sheets, so that his guests could experience the full comfort of the mattresses he spent so much time and money on. He told me that he’s seen a marked improvement in satisfaction since he replaced his sheets, and that his guests frequently comment on their comfort. If you ask me, that’s a perfect example of the power of comfortable bedding. Sometimes, a little bit of money goes a long way!

Creating a Coastal / Tropical Bedroom With Our Room Designer!

Creating a Coastal / Tropical Bedroom With Our Room Designer!

Have you used our Room Designer lately? I just created a great-looking bedroom!

The Room Designer is such a helpful tool, and it helps to eliminate any doubts you might have when trying to bring a specific style into your home.

I choose the Coastal / Tropical theme. It narrowed my furniture choices to light woods, and anything made of rattan, wicker, or bamboo, which are all materials that are typically found in this type of room. Also, the bedding and lamp choices added color and helped to create the light, breezy mood I wanted!

Coastal.Tropical from Room Designer

Bed, Mirror, Rug, Bedding, Lamp, Dresser, Nightstand, Chair, Side Table

What kind of a room will you design?