Clearance Furniture

Clearance Furniture

With the amount of furniture we move, there are bound to be errors in logistics or transport that leave us with extra items or items that we call “scratch and dent.” Many of of our clearance items are simply the result of overstocking or discontinued collections, and for the remainder, we take clear photographs and note any imperfections for why they are being sold as “scratch and dent.” Usually “scratch and dent” items have blemishes that are hard to notice, like a ding on a corner or a small tear in a cushion. We inspect all of our items before shipping them out, and if we notice any damage we determine whether the piece should be recycled, donated, or sold at a deep discount.


So if you are shopping for a new piece of furniture for your home, take a look through our clearance to see if we have anything that would work for you. We might have just the right storage piece, seating solution, or table from a discontinued line that you could pick up for a fraction of the retail price. Or we might have the same item you’ve seen elsewhere deeply discounted for a small cosmetic defect that you can inspect beforehand and decide if it would matter to you. Furniture Crate already offers unbeatable prices on every item we carry, and with our clearance furniture being up to 70% off, you can furnish your home for pennies on the dollar!

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