Redecorating with Apricot Curtains

Redecorating with Apricot Curtains

Apricot Curtains

Inevitably, you will one day walk into your living room and think “I’m so sick of looking at this room.” It’s not actually the room, per se, it’s just that you’ve grown so accustomed to to decor that you’re tired of it. When this happens, you have a few options: A) a complete remodel of the room, B) replace a piece or a few pieces, but not everything, or C) simply rearrange the room for a small change. Now these options go in order from most expensive, time consuming, and effective, to least. For some people, option C will work for a time. Simply rearranging the couch, chairs, tables, and TV can create new open spaces and angles for a refreshing change of pace without having to replace your current furniture. But the novelty of a newly arranged room will likely fade without a change in color or patterns. Although you might daydream about a complete remodel of your living room — with new carpet, paint, and all new furniture — it probably isn’t realistic to spend the time and money on something like that without good reason. This leaves you with the compromise of option B, for a way to seriously change up the space without investing too much time and money into it.

SIS Alexa Apricot Curtains

By replacing only a few pieces of furniture, and making other minor tweaks to the room, you can give the space a new life while retaining some of its old comfort. Replacing your old couch with a new sofa can have a major impact on the atmosphere of the room, while a few new pieces of wall art can also help change the color and feel of the space. Some really easy tweaks you can make to the living room, family room, or bedroom are changing curtains, pillows, and throws. These quick and inexpensive alterations and breathe new life into a room without changing the overall functionality. A hot color this year has been Apricot for a warm and relaxing mood that complements most wood and leather finishes for easy matching. Another neat thing about Apricot is it works well in every season. Its borderline pastel color is perfect for the spring, while the warm tone is also fitting for the summer. Being part of the orange family, Apricot is perfect for autumn as well, a nice accent for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Apricot is probably least fitting for the winter in terms of color, but its warm tone might be just right for creating a cozy indoor environment when the temperature outside is dropping. Apricot curtains, especially, can give the sunlight shining through the window a warm glow that might just make you forget about the mountains of snow building outside.

Kitchen Apricot Curtains

So if you’re looking to make a change in any room of your home, consider starting with some small, quick alterations. You might just find that a change of color is all you needed to give the space new life. In addition to that, small decor changes like curtains and pillows can be stored and swapped again in the future, unlike couches that you can just fold up and toss in the closet. And with autumn fast approaching, a set of Apricot curtains might be just the thing to transform your boring living room decor into a more vibrant, seasonal experience for your family and friends to enjoy.

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