Wall Mounted Audio/Video Consoles

Wall Mounted Audio/Video Consoles


Are you shopping for an entertainment center or TV console but the traditional models just aren’t doing it for you? Wall mounted audio/video consoles are a clever take on the standard TV console that work great with wall mounted flat screen TVs. They usually offer a bit less storage than entertainment centers, but the trade-off is a much more attractive and space-saving design that will still get the job done.

Wall mounted audio/video consoles are great for modern homes seeking a clean, minimalistic style. Paired with a wall mounted flat screen TV, you can create a fully stocked TV area that takes up little to no floor space in the room and leaves more of the wall and floor visible. The floating design is visually interesting and has a sleek, stylish look without legs that breaks away from traditional expectations. Wall mounted audio/video consoles are also great in areas where an entertainment center simply won’t fit or you want it off the floor, such as a small bedroom or basement man-cave.

Whatever the reason, wall mounted audio/video consoles can be the perfect alternative to traditional entertainment centers and TV consoles and may be just right for your situation. Apartments especially can benefit from the space saving aspect, while the style of the wall mounted design works great in Modern Contemporary decor.


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