The Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench

The Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench


To some, the Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench may seem like a blindingly bright, difficult to match, and all around strange piece that makes you wonder “Who would need something like that?” But to others, this bold and distinctive piece is the perfect way to start or finish a room’s décor. There’s a funny thing about the color orange, people tend to either love or hate it, rather than be somewhere in the middle or just indifferent. Associations for the color orange run the entire gamut, from positive to negative, and familiar to utterly weird. Just do a thought association with the color orange and see what you come up with. Some of the more common associations are traffic signs/cones, “hunter’s orange,” the fruit, cheese, Garfield the cat, tigers, and the sun. Are these associations largely positive or negative? Interestingly, they are virtually all ambiguous, being either neither, both, or completely objective. Take traffic cones, for example; are they positive or negative? Do they imply danger, safety, or traffic? The same with “hunter’s orange,” is it suggesting danger, safety, or fun outdoors? These ambiguous meanings lend a strange and varied understanding to the color. Other colors are usually more agreed upon or universal, such as blue being associated with calm and water, green with nature, and white with purity. But the more ambiguous nature of the color orange makes it a more subjective and malleable color. One thing that can be almost universally agreed up about orange, however, is that it is a BOLD color which is why it is used for things like traffic signs and “hunter’s orange.”

Storage benches are basically the perfect example of hybrid furniture. You can combine the comfort and convenience of a bench, with the storage solution of a chest, without really sacrificing the quality of either aspect. The only time this combination would really be inconvenient, is if something needs to be retrieved from within the bench when it is in use: an unlikely and easily avoidable scenario. Besides that, you’re combining two pieces of furniture into one, saving money and space in your home.


The Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench combines the boldness and ambiguity of orange with the perfect hybrid of a storage bench, to create an altogether incomprehensible peace. Bold ambiguity, an oxymoron in itself, covering perfect balance. That is, the entirely undecipherable color of chaos, coating perfect harmony. It makes no sense! And that’s the wonderful thing about an orange storage bench from a design, style, and home décor stand point: it is difficult to comprehend and digest, and doesn’t give closure. Some people will love it, some people will hate it, it will look amazing in certain arrangements, and appalling in others. In that sense, it is quite a challenge for home decorators. If you can take this piece an implement it into an arrangement where it complements its surroundings while being complemented itself, enhancing the look and atmosphere of a living space, you will be rewarded with and endlessly interesting piece that is also incredibly functional. If you aren’t the type to challenge your inner interior decorator with a wacky challenge, the Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench can still be an incredible addition to your living space. A Modern/Contemporary room with lots of blacks and whites, especially zebra stripes, is complemented and complements the Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench about as much as piece of furniture can. Other scenarios, such as fiesta-style rooms that take advantage of bright colors of all types, won’t find a brighter orange than this! Coastal of Maritime themed areas can make use of the Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench for its relation to the safety orange color of life jackets and flotation devices.

With a savvy and open mind, the Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench can be the most distinctive piece in your home, bringing not only an exceptional level of style and “WOW-factor,” but also an exceptionally functional piece. The Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench is a classic example of “big risk, big reward” in the world of home décor. If you can swing it, its a home run. But it won’t be a walk in the park. Go big or go home, as they say! And imagine coming home to this one of a kind piece: the Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench!


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