Futon Drawers – Multi-functionality to the Max!

Futon Drawers – Multi-functionality to the Max!


Futons are great for multi-functional areas like a studio apartment. They provide a couch and a bed in one convenient unit. Futons with futon drawers take this multi-functionality even further by adding storage to the couch/bed. You now have within a single unit, a couch, bed, and storage space for three distinct and practical uses. Futons with futon drawers are great for studio apartments where space is at a premium, but also make a good solution for other needs. If you don’t have a guest bedroom, a futon with futon drawers provides an area that suits all the needs of a guest. They have a couch to sit and relax on, a bed to sleep on, and the futon drawers provide a place to keep overnight or weekend supplies like a pillow, blanket, change of clothes, and toothbrush. In fact, using futon drawers to hold a pillow and blanket makes transforming the piece from couch to bed that much easier and more convenient for any situation. Or if you have more pressing storage needs in the room, futon drawers are a great and out of the way solution. For whatever the need, or needs, in any type of home, futons with futon drawers can’t be beat in terms of space-saving multi-functionality.


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