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Month: August 2015

The Beautyrest TruEnergy Plush Memory Foam Pillow

The Beautyrest TruEnergy Plush Memory Foam Pillow

When you think of Beautyrest, you probably think of the award winning mattress line that helped put Simmons in the top 3 mattress manufacturers in the country; but Beautyrest is about more than just mattresses. The Beautyrest TruEnergy Plush Memory Foam Pillow uses the same advanced memory foam technology you would find in Beautyrest mattresses, adjusted to suit the needs of a pillow.

The Beautyrest TruEnergy Plush Memory Foam Pillow simmons-beauty-rest-nxg-plush-pillow-1

The Beautyrest TruEnergy Plush Memory Foam Pillow scores a 4 out of 5 on our pillow Comfort Scale. This rating is medium-soft, so the pillow has plenty of give but won’t fall flat. It uses AirCool Memory Foam for faster recovery and more efficient heat dissipation than traditional memory foam. AirCool Memory Foam was developed by Simmons’ R&D department in conjunction with one of the country’s foremost foam chemists. With a Beautyrest TruEnergy Plush Memory Foam Pillow, you can fall asleep every night with your head supported by a soft, supportive, and comfortably cool pillow.

The Beautyrest TruEnergy Plush Memory Foam Pillow simmons-beauty-rest-nxg-plush-pillow-2

The Beautyrest TruEnergy Plush Memory Foam Pillow is made in the U.S. and comes backed by a 3-year warranty. Check out this pillow and many more at the lowest prices available anywhere, only at!

Broyhill Lamp Tables

Broyhill Lamp Tables

Broyhill lamp tables make a great addition to living rooms, family rooms, and even bedrooms. Whether you simply need a platform to hold a lamp, or could benefit from the convenience of a table surface to set drink glasses and the TV remote, Broyhill lamp tables offer good functionality in an aesthetic package.

broyhill-ember-grove-tray-top-lamp-table-1 Broyhill Lamp Table 1lane-summerlin-drawer-end-table-1 Broyhill Lamp Table 3

With styles ranging from Contemporary to Traditional, Broyhill lamp tables come in a variety of designs so you can find something that suits your taste and complements your decor. A range of price points and finishes ensure that there is something for everyone, no matter if your desired look is a sleek Contemporary bedroom, a warm and welcoming Traditional family room, or an extravagant Transitional family room that will be the envy of your friends.

broyhill-new-vintage-round-lamp-table-1 Broyhill Lamp Table 2 blackbroyhill-new-vintage-round-lamp-table-3 Broyhill Lamp Table 2 brown

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Camo Sleeper Sofa by Jackson Furniture

Camo Sleeper Sofa by Jackson Furniture

The Jackson Big Game Camouflage Sleeper is more than just a fashionable seating solution for the hunter in your life. This camo sleeper sofa is one of the most popular pieces from Jackson Furniture, a company known for it’s high-quality, comfortable, and long lasting assortment of upholstered couches, sofas, and chairs. Whether you are looking for the centerpiece to your man cave, a functional piece for your hunting cabin, or a living room piece for the hunter in your life, this camo sleeper sofa is a great solution.

jackson-big-game-sleeper-1 camo sleeper sofa

The upholstery of Jackson’s camo sleeper sofa uses the Mossy Oak New Break-Up fabric. This fabric uses a popular camo design that is computer-enhanced for impressive realism. Hunters will love the camo design, and everyone will appreciate the exceptional quality that goes into the upholstery, bringing the atmosphere of the outdoors to any room.

jackson-big-game-sleeper-2 camo sleeper sofa

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Sleigh Bed Headboards

Sleigh Bed Headboards


Sleigh bed headboards have a classic charm and elegance inspired by the French and American Empire period of the 19th century. That Empire style drew its inspiration from ancient Rome and Greece. What makes sleigh bed headboards unique is their curved shape (usually paired with a similarly curved footboard) that resembles an old-fashioned sleigh.


Sleigh bed headboards were traditionally made of wood and quite heavy, though today they can be made from a variety of materials including wood, iron, aluminum, and steel. Modern sleigh bed headboards usually exhibit less dramatic curves than they did in the 19th century, retaining the enhanced visual interest and character without the extravagance or social statement. These slightly curved modern sleigh bed headboards are much more practical, and many make great backrests that benefit from the curved shape.

upholstered sleigh bed headboards art-furniture-st-germain-upholstered-sleigh-bed-2

So if you were wondering what exactly makes sleigh bed headboards different, or were thinking of getting one for your bedroom, we have a large selection of sleigh beds and headboards available at! Check them out or contact us to learn more.

leather padded sleigh bed headboards hooker-tynecastle-sleigh-bed-1


Coastal Style Beds at Home

Coastal Style Beds at Home

Coastal Style Beds: tommy-bahama-island-estate-west-indies-bed-1

Coastal style beds are a great way to transform a humdrum bedroom into something special. Whether you want a bed inspired by an exotic tropical getaway, a vacation to the coast, or a just a sunny day at the beach, you can bring that relaxing, worry-free Coastal atmosphere home with you. Coastal style beds encompass a wide range of subtypes, giving you many options within the group as a whole. Whether you want something more bold and striking, or something erring towards conservative and Traditional, you can find a bed that suits your personality while still embodying warm, relaxing, Coastal style.

Coastal Style Beds: aico-biscayne-west-panel-bed-in-sand-2

Coastal style beds make use of materials like Rattan, Driftwood, Bamboo, and exotic woods like Mango. As you can imagine, Sand finishes are very common as they complement the material types and exemplify Coastal style. The warm Sand finished wood of Coastal style beds often uses slatted or panel designs for a casual look and feel that induces worry-free relaxation. A Coastal style bedroom can be a great way to let go of the stress of your day, and also an invigorating way to wake up in the morning. Coastal style beds work especially well in naturally-lit rooms with plenty of windows or a balcony.

Coastal Style Beds: lexington-monterey-sands-cypress-point-bed-2

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