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Guest Bedroom Furniture (Part I)

Guest Bedroom Furniture (Part I)


Shopping for the right guest bedroom furniture is more about planning than having a knack for style or plenty of money to throw around. Creating a lavish and visually appealing guest bedroom is great, but if it lacks functionality, your guests will be uncomfortable in a beautiful room.

The place to start with guest bedroom furniture is the same place to start in your own bedroom: the bed. You must first assess the size and layout of the room to determine what size bed would be best. As the bed is the primary function of the bedroom and guest room, it should be the first piece of the puzzle on which to base the rest of the space. Chances are, if you are furnishing a guest bedroom, you will want a bed suitable for couples. A Queen size is generally a good place to start, as it is viable for couples and only slightly large for single sleepers. Due to space constraints or excessive space, you could upgrade or downgrade to a King or a Full. Most couples nowadays share a Queen or King size bed, but only a few decades ago it was common to share a Full (also known as a Double). This downgrade is only recommended if space is limited, as a couple going from their Queen or King size bed at their home to a Full size bed in your guest bedroom will probably suffer in comfort by comparison, especially if they stay for more than a night or a short weekend.

Next, you will want to find the right mattress for the properly sized bed. Depending on how you predict your guest bedroom will be used (one-night stays, weekends, long-term stays), you can decide the price point you want to spend. There is no need to spend as much as you did on your personal mattress that you use every night on a mattress that might be used only a few times a year in the guest bedroom. If you expect longer or more frequent stays, you may consider bumping up the quality of the mattress to a mid-level point. But even then, if you only expect guests to ever stay for a night or two in the guest bedroom, two nights on a a low-mid priced mattress won’t kill them! If you expect to have guests frequently, or for long periods of time, you may consider aiming for mid-high priced mattresses. Again, these need not cost as much as your personal mattress, but spending a week straight or a half dozen weekends over the course of a summer on a low-quality mattress will probably not make your guests excited to extend their stays.


Once you have decided on the bed and mattress, you can begin filling in the other pieces of the room. If there is a closet, that provides a good amount of storage for suitcases, clothes hangers, shoes, etc. If not, consider a larger dresser for ample storage of guests’ clothes and other belongings. Again, depending on the nature of your stays, you can assess the right size for these types of furniture. Guests staying for only a night or two probably won’t even need a dresser, whereas a week long stay or frequent visitor may require a full size dresser. In addition to a dresser, nightstands are always welcome for providing a convenient and accessible lamp table so guests aren’t fumbling around in the middle of the night looking for a light switch. They also provide a place to store delicate and valuable items like purses, wallets, keys, and cell phones when not needed.


These essentials will provide your guests the comforts of home they require. There are obviously ways to go above and beyond this: decor, a TV, mirrors, additional storage units, etc., but these basics will be enough to give your guests comfortable nights and mornings during their stay with you. After all, you should be entertaining your guests for the time in between!

Check back next week for Guest Bedroom Furniture (Part II)

My Mayfield Sheets

My Mayfield Sheets

[Mayfield Sheet Set in White]

It’s not often that I get to do a personal review on a product I own. With all of the products we have at it’s simply not possible to test every item personally; But it just so happened that a suggestion for writing an article about Mayfield sheets came down the pipe no more than a month after I purchased a set for my own bed. So this article will cover my experience of the product without any bias.

Simply put, I think my Mayfield sheet set is great. Now let’s be clear, I am no linens expert or bedding connoisseur. I have never spent a night in a bed with 100% Italian-woven Egyptian Cotton bedding, or a full silk set, I’m just a regular Joe who sleeps with regular sheets. So far be it from me to say anything like “they’re the best on the market” or “you can’t beat them,” but at their two-digit price point I couldn’t be happier.

To start, they look great. I got an Onyx set which is a dark gray (looks almost black to me), and the color is rich and consistent. The dark color gives my mattress a bold color that not only looks nice itself, but really makes the bedding POP. (Especially my Batman blanket…)


[Onyx Color from Mayfield]

Second, the 300 thread count. Again, I’m not a linens expert, but I know that thread counts can go much higher than 300. But just rubbing a corner of one of the sheets between my finger and thumb dispelled my suspicion that they might feel rough and catchy. These sheets won’t be mistaken for silk, but they feel smooth and refreshing against the skin.

Which leads me to my next point: they sleep cool. Cotton is a good breathable material, recommended for summer bedding along with linen and wool. I don’t have air conditioning in my apartment, and these sheets do a great job of not overheating me during the night. They retain that refreshing cool feel whenever I shift positions or roll over.

Lastly, Mayfield sheets are made in the U.S.A. I’m not the type to only buy American, but it’s nice to know that the sheet set I got for a bargain was made in America. It’s also nice to see that an American company is able to offer a product of good quality at a price that is hard to beat even by foreign made competitors.

So if you are looking to replace or buy an additional sheet set (especially for the summer), I can personally vouche that you are getting your money’s worth with Mayfield sheets!

Here’s the Batman blanket, as promised:

[Mayfield Sheets in Onyx on my bed]
Entertainment Units, Media Cabinets, and TV Chests

Entertainment Units, Media Cabinets, and TV Chests

If you are looking to add a TV to an area of your home, you have a few options: entertainment units, media cabinets, TV chests, and wall mounting are the most prevalent solutions for creating a TV area, arranged from most to least substantial.


If you want to fill a wall in your living room, family room, or man-cave, entertainment units might be the perfect solution. They provide the most storage options for setting up entertainment systems like a cable box, DVD players, and video game systems, as well as auxiliary storage for movies, games, and other accessories. Entertainment units are often designed to take up a significant amount of a wall, being almost ceiling height and around ten feet wide in many cases.


Next you have media cabinets. Media cabinets (sometimes called TV cabinets) are basically just what they sound like: a cabinet whose design is geared specifically toward media and a TV. They are usually wider and shorter with several doors and drawers for storing entertainment systems and accessories. The top of the cabinet is large enough to hold just about any size flat screen TV, sometimes with room to spare. These pieces are best for areas where the entertainment area is not meant to be the entire focus of the room, but still provide ample functionality. These units are often flanked by wall art of other such pieces behind or to the side of the TV area.


TV chests are very similar to media cabinets, but usually slightly smaller in total size, and more tall than wide. With TV chests you are more likely to have drawers and shelves than large doors like on a cabinet. TV chests are designed for smaller entertainment areas, perhaps in the bedroom or a guest room, with a smaller profile that leaves less of a footprint in the floor space of the room. They often have two designated shelves/compartments for setting up a cable box, DVD player, or video game system, with a top surface large enough to support small to medium sized TVs securely.

prepac-altus-wall-mounted-av-console-black-1 (1)

Wall mounting is a recent development with the popularity of flat screen TVs. With wall mounting, you simply secure to TV to the wall without the need for a piece of furniture to support it. In this case, a piece of furniture is usually placed on the floor below, or a shelving unit is also mounted on the wall to support entertainment systems for use with the wall mounted TV. This is, of course, the least substantial TV solution, but requires more work and finesse to set up.

Whichever of these TV solutions is right for you, has a large selection at the lowest prices guaranteed!

Bring Color and Style to your Room with Accessories!

Bring Color and Style to your Room with Accessories!

Bring Color and Style to your Room with Accessories!

If you are like most people and have neutral color furniture, then you probably use your accessories for color and style! If you do, but not sure what colors you want or patterns you like, I can help!

I put a few looks together with different styles, maybe you’ll like one enough to make a purchase! If not, head on over to E-Design and email what you’re looking for!


You can’t beat the Orange and Baby Blue color combination. Add it to any brown or neutral sofa to give your room a warm and inviting feeling.  — Lamp, Pillow, RugBrown

If you’re into the sultry modern look, add these accessories to your beige or black sofa. The patterns on the lamp and pillow will enhance the richness of your room — LampPillow, Rugyellow

The mixture of the bright yellow, bold teal, and beautiful pillow pattern will add excitement to any color sofa. You’ll end up with a look you’ll love all year round — Lamp, Pillow, Rugblue

The complex pattern on the rug with the solid pillows and lamp will give you a very classic room setting. Adding it to your neutral sofa will transform your room! — Lamp, Pillow, Rug

Wall Mounted Audio/Video Consoles

Wall Mounted Audio/Video Consoles


Are you shopping for an entertainment center or TV console but the traditional models just aren’t doing it for you? Wall mounted audio/video consoles are a clever take on the standard TV console that work great with wall mounted flat screen TVs. They usually offer a bit less storage than entertainment centers, but the trade-off is a much more attractive and space-saving design that will still get the job done.

Wall mounted audio/video consoles are great for modern homes seeking a clean, minimalistic style. Paired with a wall mounted flat screen TV, you can create a fully stocked TV area that takes up little to no floor space in the room and leaves more of the wall and floor visible. The floating design is visually interesting and has a sleek, stylish look without legs that breaks away from traditional expectations. Wall mounted audio/video consoles are also great in areas where an entertainment center simply won’t fit or you want it off the floor, such as a small bedroom or basement man-cave.

Whatever the reason, wall mounted audio/video consoles can be the perfect alternative to traditional entertainment centers and TV consoles and may be just right for your situation. Apartments especially can benefit from the space saving aspect, while the style of the wall mounted design works great in Modern Contemporary decor.


Teen Daybeds for the Bedroom

Teen Daybeds for the Bedroom


Teen daybeds are a clever and effective way to save space in the bedroom. Teen daybeds provide both a couch and a bed in the space of either. This not only means more floor space for activities and other furniture, but it also means less sitting on the bed which can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Teens love the multi-functionality of daybeds as they are a good solution for a number of uses. Whether sitting up and watching TV or playing video games, doing homework, laying down and relaxing or talking on the phone, or simply sleeping, teen daybeds are an effective solution. This makes them a solid center for the bedroom where your teen will gravitate for a range of reasons.


The multi-functionality of teen daybeds doesn’t just stop at a seating and sleeping area. Most models offer additional functionality with either built-in drawers or a trundle base as seen in the pictures above and below. In this case, the New Energy Spice Cherry Nightfall Daybed offers both options in addition to being a practical and universally attractive piece. This daybed would look great in just about any bedroom, and has plenty of options for a very flexible and multi-functional piece. Whether your teen could use additional storage in their room, or a trundle mattress for sleepovers, the New Energy Spice Cherry Nightfall Daybed is a great solution. This in addition to the already practical design of the daybed. Also, most teen daybeds fit a standard Twin size mattress so you can choose the right mattress (or keep your old one) and not sacrifice sleep quality for the benefits of the daybed. Teen daybeds truly are a win, win, win.