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Month: April 2015

The Rattan Swivel Chair, Your New Favorite Seat

The Rattan Swivel Chair, Your New Favorite Seat

Rattan is popular not only for its attractive look and exotic nature, but also for its natural and organic give that makes it incredibly comfortable. Swivel chairs, the cousins of rocking chairs, add increased functionality and comfort with their movement conducive design. Combine these two features, and you get a product like the Euro Style Fenia Rattan Swivel Chair. This incredibly comfortable chair will likely become the new favorite seat in your home. The woven rattan material has the perfect amount of give, and is also quite aesthetic, while the swivel function improves the usability and comfort much like a rocking chair does. With the combination of style and comfort, rattan swivel chairs make great additions to virtually any living space. Whether you are looking for a new living room chair for guests or watching TV, a reading chair in the family room or study, a desk chair in your bedroom or home office, or the ultimate lounging chair in your man-cave or game room, rattan swivel chairs are hard to beat with their balance of comfort and aesthetic appeal.


Rattan works especially well in Tropical, Coastal, and more exotic styled rooms. The material is native to areas such as Africa, Asia, and Australia, radiating an atmosphere of warm, sunny beaches and relaxing vacation destinations. This makes curling up in your rattan swivel chair a very relaxing and positive experience, further enhanced by naturally lit areas near windows or a door-wall. If you are fortunate enough to have a screened-in porch or sunroom, adding a rattan swivel chair and a nice stack of books will have you all set for enjoying a relaxing summer. With spring having recently sprung, and summer right around the corner, now is a great time to add a rattan swivel chair to your home.

High Point Market

High Point Market

High Point Market was another success! We enjoyed seeing the new products from our Vendors and even visited some new ones. My favorite part this year were the new fabrics. The smooth microfiber is looking to be a thing of the past and now everything is made up with chenille or textured fabrics. It gives the furniture an overall high end look, and who doesn’t want that, right?

Another favorite is the beautiful beds! I’m always impressed with the different woods finishes and upholstery, and details that go into creating such a big piece of furniture! Here are a few photos of my favorites!

IMG_0983 IMG_0990 IMG_0985 IMG_0993 IMG_0992 IMG_0994 IMG_1001

Coastal Bedroom Furniture Sets

Coastal Bedroom Furniture Sets

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Coastal bedroom furniture sets are a great way to achieve the cozy, relaxing, luxurious, and sometimes exotic atmosphere of the coast that everyone loves. Whether you want a more tropical or maritime feel, the idea of the coast with its flowing tide and deep blue water induces an automatic feeling of calmness and relaxation. Coastal bedroom furniture sets provide an all-in-one collection of pieces that encapsulate Coastal style. White finishes, Driftwood, and Rattan are a few significant descriptors of Coastal style.




White finished Coastal-style furniture pairs well with blue carpet, paint, and accent pieces, being reminiscent of a white ship in the blue water. These types of Coastal bedroom furniture sets are usually complemented by maritime inspired decorations like anchors, sea shells, Coastal-inspired paintings, or even aquariums. Driftwood Coastal bedroom furniture sets offer a more authentic feel, radiating the cozy comfort and warmth of the beach beneath the summer sun. Sets featuring Rattan are aimed more towards an exotic, tropical atmosphere reminiscent of Coastal destinations like New Zealand. The exotic sense  of Rattan creates a lavish atmosphere that is also usually accompanied by a warmness and coziness common in such tropical environs. Whichever of these Coastal subsets is right for you, there are Coastal bedroom furniture sets that can achieve it in a convenient pre-selected set.



Favorite Friday!

Favorite Friday!

Favorite Friday! I was inspired by yet another beautiful photo of a room and had to create my own version with products from FurnitureCrate! Check out this cozy nook and how you can get your look right here!

bedroom chair Safavieh-Alice-Console-Table-AMH6571A 6071Lexington Carrerraeast-acc-niche-shoreline-pinson-reef-sq-acc-pil-1  R6601

I chose the Carrara Chair and Ottoman from Lexington for the clean lines and rich color. Like the photo, I stayed with a light wood console table, this one by Safavieh. The accents, Table Lamp by Currey & Company, Throw by Surya, and Pillow by Niche by Eastern Accents, have the light teal/blue color that I love!



Kitchen Chairs Clearance

Kitchen Chairs Clearance


Kitchen chairs clearance is a great way to acquire a few extra chairs without breaking the bank. Whether you’re just starting out and need somewhere to sit, or need a few extra chairs for next week’s game night, checking out kitchen chairs clearance sales can save you a good chunk of cash. If you’re lucky, there might be something just right for the style of your kitchen, dining room, or other room of the house. Overstock, returns, and closeouts are just a few of the reasons why items end up on clearance, and having an open mind or the diligence to keep an eye out for new clearance pieces can definitely be worth your while. Whether you’re looking for normal height chairs, bar stools, counter stools, or dining benches, our kitchen chairs
clearance usually has one or more offerings at deep discounts.


Clearance Beds

Clearance Beds


The bed is where you start and end each day. It’s the center of the bedroom, and for some, the center of their home. The bed is often the very first piece put into a new home, which is metaphorically the first brick in the construction of the style, theme, and atmosphere built around it. So buying the right bed is a big decision and, usually, a big investment. But that doesn’t mean it needs to cost as much as a car! Especially for those just starting off on their own, without any set guidelines on style or theme, the possibilities are wide open for investing in your first bed. A few factors need to be taken into account to narrow the field, such as mattress size (will you be sleeping alone? how big is the bedroom? what is your budget?), bed size (can you fit a canopy? do you want extravagant style or practicality and maximized floor space? can you physically get that bed frame into your fourth story apartment?), bed style (you might not want a natural wood finish bed in your white and black painted, Contemporary style apartment unit), and lastly, your budget. The first three depend largely on the situation, but as for budget, everyone wants to save money! One great way to do that, especially when starting off on your own, is to shop clearance beds. Chances are you don’t have much, or any, furniture to have a pre-set style (or maybe you just don’t overly care), your first home probably has some flexibility on the style of furniture that would work well within, and, especially if you don’t already have a mattress, your size options are flexible as well. With an open attitude you can then shop available Clearance Beds and let the savings decide the right piece to start off your new home.

Money in the Mattress

When shopping the Clearance Beds, rule out the options that simply won’t work (if you’re a single sleeper, you probably don’t need a King size bed taking up that much floor space), and then compare price and favoritism to narrow in on the potential options (that $2,000 bed might be more like the one you imagined in your head, but by getting the $500 bed instead, you just saved 2 months worth of rent!). Once you’ve narrowed it down to the best options budget-wise (assuming there are viable options that suit your needs), then you can make the decisions of what size, style, and design suits you best: a metal or a wood frame, Traditional or Contemporary style, a standard bed or an alternative such as a daybed or sleeper sofa, etc. By the end of this process, you will hopefully have narrowed down the deeply discounted Clearance Beds to a few suitable options from which to choose the best one for you. Consider the pros and cons of the design, as well as the style and size. Do some preliminary research on other furniture of the same style to see if you can find good matching pieces for certain styles as opposed to other. In the end, you will hopefully have narrowed down the limited Clearance Beds selection to the best item for you. Make sure you the savings are worth any sacrifices you may be making for a full-price bed of a different type, but at Clearance prices, the choice is usually pretty easy.




Spring is Here!

Spring is Here!

Spring is here! Finally, right? For all of those who were lucky enough to enjoy the cold winter with me, you understand how excited we are for this time of year!

And speaking of this time of year, have you picked out your Outdoor Furniture yet?

We have a great selection and even more coming soon! Check it out!

Padmas-Plantation-Outdoor-Living-Bay-Harbor-Deep-Seating-Chair-OLBAH01      Padma’s Plantation Bay Harbor

91CpWLJx+bL._SX425_     Hospitality Rattan Grenada

617CKV4V4JL._SY355_     Panama Jack Outdoor Island Cove

703075_lifestyle     Zuo Modern Gemini Lounge

We have outdoor rugs too!

Tommy Bahama Cabana  Rug    Tommy Bahama Cabana Group