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The Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench

The Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench


To some, the Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench may seem like a blindingly bright, difficult to match, and all around strange piece that makes you wonder “Who would need something like that?” But to others, this bold and distinctive piece is the perfect way to start or finish a room’s décor. There’s a funny thing about the color orange, people tend to either love or hate it, rather than be somewhere in the middle or just indifferent. Associations for the color orange run the entire gamut, from positive to negative, and familiar to utterly weird. Just do a thought association with the color orange and see what you come up with. Some of the more common associations are traffic signs/cones, “hunter’s orange,” the fruit, cheese, Garfield the cat, tigers, and the sun. Are these associations largely positive or negative? Interestingly, they are virtually all ambiguous, being either neither, both, or completely objective. Take traffic cones, for example; are they positive or negative? Do they imply danger, safety, or traffic? The same with “hunter’s orange,” is it suggesting danger, safety, or fun outdoors? These ambiguous meanings lend a strange and varied understanding to the color. Other colors are usually more agreed upon or universal, such as blue being associated with calm and water, green with nature, and white with purity. But the more ambiguous nature of the color orange makes it a more subjective and malleable color. One thing that can be almost universally agreed up about orange, however, is that it is a BOLD color which is why it is used for things like traffic signs and “hunter’s orange.”

Storage benches are basically the perfect example of hybrid furniture. You can combine the comfort and convenience of a bench, with the storage solution of a chest, without really sacrificing the quality of either aspect. The only time this combination would really be inconvenient, is if something needs to be retrieved from within the bench when it is in use: an unlikely and easily avoidable scenario. Besides that, you’re combining two pieces of furniture into one, saving money and space in your home.


The Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench combines the boldness and ambiguity of orange with the perfect hybrid of a storage bench, to create an altogether incomprehensible peace. Bold ambiguity, an oxymoron in itself, covering perfect balance. That is, the entirely undecipherable color of chaos, coating perfect harmony. It makes no sense! And that’s the wonderful thing about an orange storage bench from a design, style, and home décor stand point: it is difficult to comprehend and digest, and doesn’t give closure. Some people will love it, some people will hate it, it will look amazing in certain arrangements, and appalling in others. In that sense, it is quite a challenge for home decorators. If you can take this piece an implement it into an arrangement where it complements its surroundings while being complemented itself, enhancing the look and atmosphere of a living space, you will be rewarded with and endlessly interesting piece that is also incredibly functional. If you aren’t the type to challenge your inner interior decorator with a wacky challenge, the Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench can still be an incredible addition to your living space. A Modern/Contemporary room with lots of blacks and whites, especially zebra stripes, is complemented and complements the Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench about as much as piece of furniture can. Other scenarios, such as fiesta-style rooms that take advantage of bright colors of all types, won’t find a brighter orange than this! Coastal of Maritime themed areas can make use of the Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench for its relation to the safety orange color of life jackets and flotation devices.

With a savvy and open mind, the Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench can be the most distinctive piece in your home, bringing not only an exceptional level of style and “WOW-factor,” but also an exceptionally functional piece. The Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench is a classic example of “big risk, big reward” in the world of home décor. If you can swing it, its a home run. But it won’t be a walk in the park. Go big or go home, as they say! And imagine coming home to this one of a kind piece: the Safavieh Kate Orange Storage Bench!


Decorate your Walls!

Decorate your Walls!

Hanging artwork is one of my favorite parts of design. First, because it means you’re about to see the finished project. Second, artwork can completely make a room!

Artwork is up to personal interpretation; what is beautiful to you may not have an effect on someone else. And sometimes, people don’t have an opinion at all. But it’s important to find something you like, don’t give up!

Here are a few beautiful rooms that prove artwork can be essential to the design of your room.

dm_140314_08-630x840 Inspiring-sobriety-T-House tribeca-bachelors-residence-7 family room i-PbD8TQh

Pedestal Side Tables

Pedestal Side Tables


Side tables are an easy way to add both a stylish accent and a functional piece to any living space. Most side tables are designed to be a good balance of aesthetic, utilitarian, and low-profile. Depending on your needs, pedestal side tables tend to achieve two of the three very well: aesthetic and low-profile. If you are in need of auxiliary storage solutions in your living room, family room, or other room, you may want a side table with multiple drawers or doors, something pedestal tables usually don’t have save for a single drawer in some cases. But if you are more concerned about getting a stylish accent piece that will fit easily into a pre-existing furniture arrangement, pedestal side tables can be the perfect solution.


Pedestal side tables come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, but are more prone to being round than are other types of furniture due to balance and aesthetics. Round pedestal side tables provide a number of benefits, such as eliminating the need for harsh corners that can be obtrusive, dangerous, or simply boring and unattractive. Round pedestal side tables also tend to be easier to fit among pre-existing furniture arrangements because they are symmetrical from every angle and can fit into corners, against walls, against furniture, or between pieces with less of a chance of protruding or failing to line up exactly. Lastly, round side tables break up the monotony of ninety-degree angles and rectangular shapes as found in the majority of furniture. By breaking up the pattern you can create a less predictable, more lively atmosphere that is also more welcoming and cohesive to other norm breaking, interesting, or unique décor. The downside of round pedestal side tables is that, in most cases, expanding a circular table surface into a square by extending the edges increases the tabletop area without necessarily needing to expand the base. This can provide slightly increased usable table space if functional surface area is a primary concern.


Pedestal side tables usually achieve a significantly lower profile than do traditional, boxy side tables. The trade-off is that the more boxy shaped side tables usually contains more drawers or doors than pedestal side tables do. But without sheer vertical sides extending from the base, pedestal side tables often allow for more flexibility, such as slightly overlapping a raised piece of furniture like a couch over the base of a pedestal side table to save a few inches of floor space or fit the piece into the furniture arrangement. Pedestal side tables also have an air of elegance and individuality by clearly circumventing a utilitarian design in order to achieve a more unique, aesthetic appeal. This design choice is made obvious with pedestal side tables, making a somewhat subconscious statement that storage is not needed and aesthetics are taking priority in the room.


In conclusion, side tables are a great way to add style and convenience to any living space. If auxiliary storage is desired, there are many options with drawers or doors providing excellent solutions. However, if the goal is simply to enhance the style of a room and/or provide a convenient tabletop surface for decorative items or everyday use such as setting drink glasses or the TV remote, then pedestal side tables will solve these needs while requiring less space and usually with a higher level style.


March Madness is here!

March Madness is here!

March Madness is here! As you watch your favorite team, are you happy with the area around your TV? Is it time to upgrade to a beautiful Entertainment Center?

Watching TV is typically the main function of a living room, and so your TV is the focal point. Everything, including furniture, is centered on the TV, which can be an eye sore or even throw off the whole style of a room. Enter — Entertainment Centers! If you have the space, framing the TV can help blend the room together or even hide your TV when it’s not being used. Plus, you can never get enough storage space!

Check out the variety of styles and colors we offer on FurnitureCrate!

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The Bernhardt Vintage Patina Collection

The Bernhardt Vintage Patina Collection


I recently did an article on the Bernhardt Vintage Patina Square Cocktail Table, and since it generated quite a bit of interest I thought I would share some of the companion Bernhardt Vintage Patina pieces. You could easily furnish multiple rooms in your home with pieces exclusively from this set, it includes a(n):


Bar Cabinet




Cocktail Table

Oval Cocktail Table


Square Cocktail Table (see previous article)

Demilune Console



End Table

End Table with Drawer

Round End Table


Square End Table

Entertainment Console

…and Mirror!


The style of this collection grants each piece a unique personality and character with the feeling of a found object. Natural wood with plantation grown mahogany veneers and a mid-tone Tobacco finish and deeper Molasses finish achieve an authentic, aged appearance. The creative use of metal framing and leather inserts further enhances this effect while adding a relaxed, casual feel to the design. Burnished brass knobs and pulls adorn the entire collection for a cohesive, antique look and feel. The entire collection also features a French waxed finish, hand planing, and moderate distressing to complete the charm of each piece. Whether you’re looking to add a single stylish accent to a room, or furnish an entire home from scratch, the Bernhardt Vintage Patina collection has some of the most stylish and functional pieces around.

Where does your Inspiration come from?

Where does your Inspiration come from?

Where does your inspiration come from? Where do you look first when it comes to redecorating a room in your home? Many people go to magazines, or Pinterest, or even look to their favorite TV shows! Well, I am no different! Here is a beautiful room I was inspired by, and now you can get it on FurnitureCrate!

bedstanley-arrondissement-palais-uph-vintage-neutral 51NUTExHyEL._SX355_ east-acc-niche-astaire-square-accent-pillow81qD+0EpluL._SX522_ 4775RTMagnussen Calistoga Nightstand

Utility Desk

Utility Desk


If you’re a student or work from home, a utility desk is an absolute must. Your productivity on the computer, on paper, or doing just about anything else work or school related will be increased exponentially by having a self-contained area that collects and organizes all of the tools, reference materials, and supplies you will need to get the job done (whatever that job may be).

Sure, you could just lay in bed with your laptop and papers and books sprawled about, but you’ll wake up to your alarm and a half-completed paper covered in drool. That’s A+ quality right there.

You could do work at your dining room table, or worse, a folding card table, where you’ll have to stack and balance all of your reference material and either dig through or get up to retrieve that certain document you need to double check. Not only will it take longer, but there’s a better chance of distractions going on around you as well (and cross your fingers that card table doesn’t buckle).

A utility desk usually provides ample, if not surplus, storage solutions for all of your stuff. Creating the right spot to put your utility desk also creates a creative and efficient area where your mind will stay focused and work effectively without the distractions of getting up to look for something or potential disturbances in the room around you. Designate that area as your “work zone” and train your brain to go into “work mode” while you’re stationed there. You’ll find work (career or scholarly) will get done faster and with better quality when you create an area like this.

Utility desks come in many shapes and sizes: you might not need locking file cabinets, you might want a keyboard drawer and/or printer compartment for a desktop computer setup, or you might just want something small for your apartment or dorm room. There are tons of options out there, from simple writing desks to entire office suites, figure out what would work best for your situation and work-load, and find a good fit to help you get it done.

Remember, a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind, so make sure your utility desk has solutions for what you need!


The Bernhardt Vintage Patina Square Cocktail Table

The Bernhardt Vintage Patina Square Cocktail Table


Cocktail tables are one of the most overlooked pieces when building a living space. You pick out paint and carpet, get a nice couch to match, an entertainment wall or media chest, a nice TV, maybe a chair or loveseat, even lamp tables seem necessary. But a table to go in the center of room? What would you even put? You can’t find anything to match. And look how much floor space it will eat up. You don’t want that.

So once everything finds its way to its position as governed by your theoretical layout, and you stand back and take in the style and atmosphere of your newly decorated living space, it feels great! Look at this marvelous room you’ve designed!

You sit down and love how comfortable your couch is. The TV is in perfect view. The lamp tables are within reach to light up the room just the right amount. Perfect.

A few days after that original sense of accomplishment, and watching your fantasy come to life, you feel something is… off. You cook dinner or order a pizza and want to go sit and watch TV while you eat. After awkwardly balancing your plate on your lap, with sauces teetering precariously over your brand new couch, you start to think.

You invite friends over to watch the game or catch up with a drink, and suddenly everyone is holding a beer can or wine glass in between their legs, in an awkward hand, or setting it on the floor where passing feet are just waiting to spill it all over your carpet. You REALLY start to think.

The room is comfortable, the room is attractive, the room is great most of the time, but it lacks functionality. Cocktail tables are a simple and easy way to exponentially increase the convenience and functionality of any living space, and can often be quite charming pieces. Although it’s true, you will give up center stage as far as floor space goes, you will get much more use our of a few square feet of convenient table space than you ever would out of a few square feet of open carpet.

The Bernhardt Vintage Patina Square Cocktail Table is just one of many examples of an excellent cocktail table option. This piece has charm, functionality, simple design, and its square shape maximizes the ratio of convenient tabletop space to floor space sacrificed.

This piece has a lower shelf that essentially doubles the storage space for convenient temporary storage or as a display platform to add decorative items to accent the room. This relatively large cocktail table (4’x4’) has more than enough surface area to use for dinner plates or drink glasses, even a box of pizza can be easily laid out for guests or family to partake in.

You’ll likely wind up with newspapers, books, the TV remote, DVDs, mail, and other everyday items finding their way onto the upper or lower area of this piece as it provides such an accessible and convenient area to store and retrieve them, but this cocktail table is no one-trick-pony. The Bernhardt collection is an extremely style conscious furniture line that blends traditional and modern style into something attractive to virtually anyone’s tastes.

If you are looking to add a functional piece to a living space, or designing a living space from scratch, consider the advantages of a cocktail table, and maybe the Bernhardt Vintage Patina Square Cocktail Table will make the perfect center to your space.

bernhardt-vintage-patina-square-cocktail-table-2 bernhardt-vintage-patina-square-cocktail-table-3