How to Decorate with Brown Leather Furniture?

How to Decorate with Brown Leather Furniture?

Leather furniture is very popular because of its quality, clean look, and longevity, but it can be difficult to work around to achieve a light, airy look in your room. Of course you can use a whole bunch of white and beige accessories, but then it just becomes very bland. Here are a few solutions I’ve come up with to successfully lighten your room while still enjoying your leather furniture!

1. Brown leather is traditionally very masculine. If you compliment it with a feminine colors or fabrics, it will help to balance out the room. For example, use a soft cream or light yellow on the walls.

2. Use your space wisely. By spreading the leather pieces out or adding an upholstered chair in a lighter fabric, the room won’t look as heavy.

3. Use lots and lots of pillows! Nothing breaks up the dark and heavy look of a brown leather sofa like soft throw pillows.



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