The Dining Experience

The Dining Experience

Everyone knows that something special happens when you gather around a table with friends and family. Sharing a meal brings people together in a way that not many other activities do, and it often has little to do with the food that’s being served. I’ve always judged the quality of a dinner based on the experience, rather than the food. It’s the toast, not the drink, right? Spending time around a table encourages dialog and facilitates conversation, so it doesn’t surprise me that some of the best conversations I’ve ever had have happened while sitting around a kitchen table, long after the dinner has been served and the plates have been cleared. As important as friends and family are to the experiences we create around the kitchen table, the furniture we sit on also plays a big part. If you don’t have comfortable and attractive seating, you and your friends and family will be less inclined to sit around sharing coffee, drinks, and laughs.

I’ve always been particularly fond of kitchen chairs with arms. Especially those that can twist and turn and rock back and forth. There’s just something about rocking back and forth in a comfortable chair that really helps me take in the atmosphere. Also, you can really make a point when you’re sitting in a chair like that. You can kind of pound the arms for emphasis, or you can sort of run your hands along them as you contemplate the corniness of your Uncle Chuck’s last joke.

Really, if you ask me, with the right chairs in your kitchen, the possibilities are endless.

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