How important are Accessories?

How important are Accessories?

Not only is accessorizing the best part of design, but it’s very crucial to your end result. You can see the same neutral sofa in thousands of houses, but the accessories are what will set it apart; they are your personal touch.



The accessories will ultimately decide the overall mood of the room. For example, the room pictured below has gray and blue accessories along with natural wood tables. Cool colors and natural elements like wood create a calming and comfortable feeling. Nothing is too bold or alarming throughout the room.


Even the minimal use of accessories can convey a mood. Pictured below is a monochromatic room with white and beige colors, featuring pillows and a rug with soft patterns, and sheer curtains over a tall wall of windows. It may be obvious that this room conveys a calm and serene feeling, but even the smallest details work to establish the completed look.



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