My Top 3 Color Combinations!

My Top 3 Color Combinations!

Picking colors for your room usually starts off by finding a color, whether it’s the latest trend or a long time love, and pairing it with a beige, gray, or brown. BUT, what if instead of choosing that safe beige color, you pick another color?

Pairing two strong colors can liven up your room and give you more options with accessories and design.

Check out my favorite color combinations!

1. Powder Blue & Orange

eastern-accents-capri-paradise-sunrise-bolster-2 original_Tobi-Fairley-Houndstooth-Pillows_s4x3_lg living room 1

2. Gold & Plum

fuscia_wall-resized-600 DB06.1e

3. Red & Teal

red.teal 6794144741_b99143aef1_z

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