How to Pick Your Patterns!

How to Pick Your Patterns!

Get rid of those matchy-matchy accessories and use these guidelines to get your unique look!

First, when it comes to pillows, always use two different patterns; a smaller pattern to pair with a large one or a striped pattern goes with almost anything! Remember, every color does not need to match. Another option is to use a solid pillow with texture and a coordinating patterned pillow.


Pillow #1, Pillow #2, Pillow #3, Pillow #4

Are you ready to add another pattern? A rug is a larger accessory that can have a bigger impact on a room. You have one of two options; use a subtle pattern on the rug and go crazy with the pillows, or just the opposite! Use the same guideline for the pillows, always use two patterns!


Pillow #1, Rug, Pillow #2

Rug, Pillow #3, Pillow #4

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