This – is Bananas!?

This – is Bananas!?

BananaB-A-N-A-N-A-S. This furniture is Bananas! Last week we were glad I didn’t say Bananas, but this week we are!

Banana Leaves are used to create great woven furniture and accessories each unique and woven by hand. This week I’ve put together a BANANAS list of tropical inspired pieces with woven accents. Enjoy!


  1. American Drew Ashby Park Banana Lead Bed – from $1150
  2. Padma’s Plantation Tropical Ottoman – $967
  3. Largo Palm Isle 5 Piece Glass Top Parsons Dining Set – $890
  4. Polywood Jefferson Rocker with Tigerwood Weave in Mahogany – $329.99
  5. Largo Palm Isle Daybed – $649
  6. Uttermost Knotted Rattan Hanging Shade in Ivory– $261.80

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