Defining your Outdoor Space in 4 Steps

Defining your Outdoor Space in 4 Steps

The weather is changing, spring has almost sprung! And now it is time to spring for new outdoor furniture. Here are 4 great tips on picking out the perfect patio living space, insuring a picture perfect season.

#1 Measure your Space

Start by measuring out your space; treat it just like any other room in your home, marking doorways from inside and stairs or steps down to the yard. Make sure that you account for walking space around the furniture and reclining dimensions for items like chaise lounges.  Don’t forget to look up! Make sure you have enough height for umbrellas, trellises and arbors.

When measuring for outdoor dining, keep in mind that the chair will add 24’’+ on each side of the table, not to mention an addition 24’’-36’’ for pulling the chairs out and maneuvering around the dining set.

#2 Choose Materials

There are several choices in material for outdoor furniture, choose the best for your deck from the list below.

  1. Wood: Normally found made of Teak, Eucalyptus and Cedar. Teak is one of the most expensive, but is the longest lasting and patinas to a great grey color. Cedar needs annual coatings of protective oil to maintain its look. Wood is a really great choice for areas that are more protected with trees, arbors and awnings. We recommend storing these inside during harsher weather months.
  2. Metal: Wrought Iron and Aluminum are some of the most popular choices. These Metal painted sets are normally cast in a variety of styles. Iron is more upkeep with the need to touch up paint to prevent rusting, while aluminum is a lightweight worry free alternative. We recommended storing these under a waterproof tarp in the winter.
  3. Plastic: We aren’t talking about those white stack-able molded chairs, we are talking heavy duty recycled timber chairs and tables. These popular (and colorful) options weigh more than their counterparts but are perfect for breeze areas like lakesides. These require next to no maintenance, just an occasional power wash

#3 Choose a Style

Find a style that complements both the style of your home and personality. Try to blend it with the style of your home exterior though, since it is exposed most of the year. Many styles are available, from the traditional tropical to Chippendale and classic contemporary.  If in doubt, stick with the classics like garden style or Adirondack.

#4 Pick out a Color Story

Again here we suggest taking cues from the color of your home. Don’t make it too jarring if it doesn’t make sense with your classic colonial home. Use accent pieces like Umbrellas, pillows and cushion to make color statements.

Bold choices can be fun as well, so be creative within reason. So don’t be too afraid of that Lime Green, hot pink and vivid orange you’ve been eying.

With these 4 steps you will create a balanced outdoor living space that compliments your home for years to come. Let us know what you are doing to keep your home fresh below. Don’t forget to find us on Facebook and Twitter!

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