2012: the Year of Storage & Organization

2012: the Year of Storage & Organization

angelo:HOME Kent Storage Bench Ottoman in Black Chenille

So another year has come and gone, yep that’s right it’s a new year again. Welcome 2012. Every year I always say that I am going to GET ORGANIZED! Well this is my year! During my mission I collected some great ideas on how to add additional hidden storage in my apartment without sacrificing style.  Listed below are some great ideas!

I have a lot of clothes, especially outerwear (it’s really cold in Michigan!), so much it doesn’t fit well in my hall closet. So I looked into a hall tree to store my frequently used items. For just a single person a coat rack would work well, but for a growing family (or hoarder) try and entry bench or locker unit for coat hooks and closed storage for mittens, gloves and scarves!

I got a slew of new video games and DVDs for Christmas and had a startling realization… I have run out of media room! I could just get some DVD bookcases, but I don’t really have room. A great idea that combines storage with function and organization would be storage ottomans and storage benches. A nice big one as a coffee table would be great or maybe a thinner version at the foot of your bed could store seasonal linens or shoes.

Fashionable storage is everywhere! Just make sure not to overdo it! Winter is a great time to thin out belongings while the cold winter rages on! What kind of storage solutions are you using? We would love to hear your suggestions!

(Pictured above angelo:HOME Kent Storage Bench Ottoman in Black Chenille)

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