Victoria’s Chair on abc’s Revenge!

Victoria’s Chair on abc’s Revenge!

If you love Victoria’s chair on ABC’s Revenge, like we do, then we’ll help you get it! We have a few great options below. But if you’re just like Madeleine Stowe’s character, Victoria Grayson, you may want to get it custom made in an upholstered similar fabric. What you’re looking for is a high wing back chair meant for a living room. It’s very regal, like a queen’s throne. There are also a few other products that have the same look and feel that would work too!

Our favorite picks are all made by Hooker Furniture. The most similar one is the Sanctuary Paris Accent Chair!

Hooker Melange Felicity Accent Chair

Hooker Melange Fifi Vanity Chair

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  1. searching for this chair, from Massachusetts, hope to find at a good price. 499.00 good

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