Quick Kitchen Updates Without Breaking the Bank

Quick Kitchen Updates Without Breaking the Bank

Barstool and Counterstools

Updating your kitchen can be very expensive, but why not make a subtle change and get a whole new look without spending too much!  Many of you have breakfast bars and islands in our kitchens, why not add new (or replace old)  counter or bar stools to create a brand new look and add great seating while you are at it. Make this area the heart of the home, an area to do homework, pay bills, socialize.

Not only do stools come in a variety of styles and colors they come in different heights. Lets talk a little bit about getting the right size and spacing.

1.       Counter Height: These stools are commonly 23’’-28’’ inches from seat to ground. These work best with counters, bars and tables that are 35’’-37’’ high.

2.       Bar Height: This height is compatible with counters 41’’-43’’ high and the seats of the stools are traditionally are 29’’-32’’ inches high.

You also want to make sure that you do not overcrowd your space. Spacing is key, industry standard is that the center of each stool should be 14’’ from the side edge of the counter and 28’’ apart (measured from center-line of each stool).

From there it comes down to your personal style, taste and features. Look for details like foot rests, memory swivels (the chair returns to forward facing when you stand up), upholstery (or not) and back details. Remember you are going to be looking at the backs of the stool most of the time, so pay attention to the back detail most.

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