Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Our Home at Market

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Our Home at Market

Our trip to Nevada for Las Vegas Market at World Market Center would not be complete without a little fun on the strip. With the Cosmopolitan as our home for 4 days we were set right in the middle of all the action. I personally had the opportunity to spend time enjoying the luxurious dining and amenities of Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, so I thought why not put together a little info on the coolest things to do while you are visiting the newest addition to the Las Vegas Strip.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas


1. Stay in a Terrace Room

We were very surprised by the views offered from Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, you get an in-your-face look at some of the best Vegas offers. Personally, my room faced directly onto the Planet Hollywood rooftop sign but you could see down the strip all the way to the MGM to far past Treasure Island. Another one of our team members looked out across Bellagio and the Dancing Fountains! It was great to see all the Vegas sights right from your balcony.

2. Visit both Bamboo and Boulevard Pools

There are several pools at Cosmo LV, I recommend that you spend time at both the Bamboo Pool and Boulevard Pools. Bamboo is great for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle, situated off to the side of the many Cosmopolitan rooftops it looks across to Aria and Vdara. It is great for those who are just looking to lounge and relax. On the other hand the Boulevard Pools is mere feet from the Las Vegas Strip, right in the heart of all the action. I spent a awesome afternoon here playing pool and video games on the pool deck and enjoy the Las Vegas sun from the tiered sun decks.

3. Drink on all 3 Levels of the Chandelier bar

The centerpiece of the gaming floor is the marvelous Chandelier Bar. It surprisingly has 3 different levels and 6 different bars. Thanks to a tip from our waitress on the first evening, we learned that each level features its own specialty menu, therefore it became my mission to drink on all 3 levels. I highly recommend the Ransom Note on the Main Level!

4. Finding the Secret Pizza Place

Let’s just say… hidden somewhere in Cosmopolitan is a secret Pizza Place, with delicious (and affordable) New York Style Pizza, PBR and IPA. It may get served on a paper plate with your beer in a red Solo Cup and there may be vintage video arcade machines and it may be located on the 3rd Floor on the East Side tower.

Keep your eyes peeled for a long album lined hallway and be ready for some of the best late night eats on the strip.

5.  Pay Attention to the Details

Everything in Vegas is always Shiny and spectacular, but the attention to details in the Cosmopolitan is nothing like I have ever seen. Closer inspection of wallpapers, lighting and carpeting leads to discovery of hidden images, like sexy silhouettes hidden in my bathroom’s wallpaper.

Our team marveled in the hooked glass chandeliers throughout the property, which happened to be one of the many trends we spotted at World Market Center. Lit shadow boxes lined columns filled with cascading jewels, chandeliers glistening with LED lighting making 3D dancing graphics…just keep your eyes peeled for cool details throughout the hotel and you’ll be surprised what you can spot.


Comsopoliatan Bar Photos
View From Terrace, Chandelier Drinks, Wall Paper, Chandelier

Overall our team had an amazing time staying and playing at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. If you have the chance just spend a few hours exploring the many fantastic spaces in the Cosmo.

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