Interior Design for a 78 sq foot apartment

Interior Design for a 78 sq foot apartment

78 square foot apt

Last year we had blog post on how to pick  furniture for a small bedroom.  All the tips we  gave out wouldn’t help in the 78 square foot apartment in Manhattan. Check out how  Luke (the tenant) built and designed the furniture for his extra small apartment.

Some great design features of Luke’s small apartment are:


  1. Seating area that had storage space under the seats that had also a hidden bed that hinged down from the wall.
  2. A closet door that had custom made shelves to store Luke’s clothes, toiletries, and other home goods.
  3. All the wood Luke used to make his custom furniture only cost him about $170.

What do you think of Luke’s small apartment and the way designed it?  We would love to know, please leave a comment.

2 thoughts on “Interior Design for a 78 sq foot apartment

  1. I think I could manage living there if I could decorate it a little more, he didn’t seem to have many personal touches. It was an amazing use of space though.

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