Our Fantasy Football League Recommends Furniture For Football Season

Our Fantasy Football League Recommends Furniture For Football Season

Last year we gave a few recommendations on the perfect piece of furniture for football season.  This year we are letting the members of the Furniture Crate Fantasy Football League give recommendations on what pieces  of furniture are essential for football season.

Team Braxton

Manager: Jamie B

1st Draft Pick: Calvin Johnson

I would recommend the Lane Freestyle Rocker Recliner in Knickerbocker Navy , every guy needs a comfortable recliner to watch sports in! Also I’m a Colts fan so I’m big on the blue color.



Bubble Guppies


Team Bubble Guppies

Manager: Michelle K

1st Pick:  Aaron Rodgers (which was hard decision since she is a Vikings fan)

Sectional sofas are great to host a lot of people for a party while watching the game!  One of my favorites is the Klaussner Loomis Sectional.



Team Mejor Equipo


Team Mejor Equipo

Manager:  Joe G

1st Pick:  Adrian Peterson

I would recommend the Protect-A-Bed Pillow Protector because of its superior waterproofing and it affordable price – that way I can buy each of my competitors one so they don’t damage their pillows when they have to cry themselves to sleep after I beat them!


Ramona Neopolitano

Team Ramona Neopolitano

Manager:  Bobby M

1st Pick:  Michael Vick

I would recommend the Magnussen Urban Safari Platform Complete Bed . You ask why a bed?  The other managers in the league might as well stay in bed when they face me in fantasy football.  Since they are going to stay in bed all Sunday they should stay in a stylish and comfortable bed.



I hope you enjoy some of the suggestions from member of our Fantasy Football league.  We would love to know  what are your recommendations for the perfect furniture for football season.

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