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Month: November 2011

As Seen on TV! Get the Look of NBC’s “Whitney”

As Seen on TV! Get the Look of NBC’s “Whitney”

Well TV season is running at full force and if you are like us you are already knee deep in your new favorite shows. But have you ever seen a “set” on TV and think to yourself, “my gosh that place is so cool, I wish my place looked that cool”. Well we are here to help you with that. Periodically we are going to blog about some of our favorite shows and movies and pick out some strikingly similar furniture and accessories to help you copy the look.

Our first try is from one of our favorites “Whitney” on NBC, this comedy is set in several apartments in additional to a bar. Our first “Get That TV Look” is going to be the bar set, pictured below.

Bar Set at Whitney

Styled in “Warm Transitional Contemporary” the bar seems like a cool hang out. Notice the mix of contemporary iconic furnishings with the warm and media textures of the accessories and accent chairs. This look would translate well into any home, loft, apartment or bungalow!

Whitney Products

To really achieve this look in your home you need to keep a few things in mind.


  1. Keep all the furniture at the same eye level – Notice that the seating is all mix and match, but they are all low profile with low backs.
  2. Use Color to tie in existing pieces- The natural colors and orange hues tie the room together without being too match, tonal differences keep this from being to dramatic.
  3. Add extra seating areas – in addition to your main seating area it is good to have a quiet corner with a few chairs for private conversations especially if you use your home for entertaining.

To view a list of the products you could use to complete this look click here.

Let us know what you think and what other shows/movies you are interested in seeing!