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The Most Expensive Furniture

The Most Expensive Furniture

Here at Furniture Crate we try to provide our customers with great furniture at great price. So when we stumbled on some of these pieces, we were very surprised that some people are willing to pay up to $5 million on a single piece of furniture. The most expensive item we sell is a Grandfather Clock by Howard Miller, which is relatively cheap compared to the pieces of furniture below.   We hope you enjoy the most expensive furniture we found online.


Coffee Table by David Lloyd Thompson  $50,000

Coffee Table by David Lloyd Thompson  $50,000

Glass fireplace by Bloch Design  $20,000+

Glass fireplace by Bloch Design $20,000+

Magnetic Floating Bed 1.6 Million

Magnetic Floating Bed 1.6 Million

Pininfarina Aresline Xten Office Chair $1.5 Million

Pininfarina Aresline Xten Office Chair1.5 Million

Plumebanche Diamond Encrusted Sofa – $184,102

Plumebanche Diamond Encrusted Sofa – $184,102

The Antique Harrington Commode – $5,980,438

The Antique Harrington Commode – $5,980,438

The Metamorphosis Bookshelf – $75,000


The Metamorphosis Bookshelf - $75,000

Would you buy any of these pieces? We would love to know!

“Like” Us on Facebook for a chance to win an angelo:HOME pedestal set signed by Angelo Surmelis!

“Like” Us on Facebook for a chance to win an angelo:HOME pedestal set signed by Angelo Surmelis!

angelo: HOme Furniture Crate giveaway

We are very excited to announce that we are having a give away!!  We are happy to be teaming up with angelo: Home, SEI and Angelo Surmelis to give away the  angelo:HOME Bowery 2 Piece Pedestal Set signed by Angelo himself.   To enter the contest all you need to do is “Like” Furniture Crate on Facebook.  You can increase your chances by also signing up for the e-mail club on the bottom of the Furniture Crate homepage.

About Angelo Surmelis:

Angelo Surmelis, one of America’s most popular and trusted designers, has created stunning examples of what easy-to-assemble upholstered furniture. angelo:HOME™ provides full size upholstered furniture that ships via common carrier to every doorstep so that consumers can buy furniture online and have it delivered to their home hassle free. Angelo’s passion for making great design affordable is unmistakable.

”Let’s just get this out right at the beginning… I LOVE all things HOME. I have since I was a kid. At five I started dragging furniture around my parent’s small Chicago apartment in order to change things up… since leaning and pushing on the walls didn’t seem to work. At nine I was using my paper route money to buy wallpaper, molding and a saw. That later would become a chair rail and duck wallpaper in my bedroom. Don’t ask. It was my country kitchen phase — in my bedroom! A design geek was born.

It’s safe to say that I have never stopped designing, building, wallpapering and all other sorts of home doings since. I truly believe that the way you feel about your home and your space, can change your life! I’ve seen it happen to countless families across the country and I’ve seen it in my own.

Along the way in my world of design, a friend in the TV world suggested I do a show. I resisted for about two years until he and his wife wore me down. Since then I’ve done more than 10 series and specials on networks like TLC, LIFETIME, STYLE & HGTV… and have appeared on places like The TODAY Show, CNN, TYRA, and countless other morning shows.

All of this has been with the idea of helping people redefine their lives through design… without spending a fortune – it is one of my favorite things to do! There is power in the way you live.

Creating angelo:HOME™ has been a dream of mine since the wall leaning days. It combines everything I love and what I am privileged to do. The goal is simple: Everyone can have Style (and for less)!

It’s about having affordable, fun, and easy to do things… good stuff that you not only want, but also can actually afford.

Growing up, my family had very little… and designing our home was not at the top of the grocery list. I wanted to get into design to help people realize their own dream home without sacrificing anything else. Making your space the best it can be should never feel overwhelming, or like it’s a luxury.

The angelo:HOME™ collection is committed to quality, value and ease. From the hand crafted details, to the no fuss assembly (many times none needed at all), to the high end looks at amazingly affordable prices, angelo:HOME has been designed to make putting your home together effortless and full of style. I want to help you realize your dreams however you want to live.

Also, wallpaper has made a BIG comeback. I should have kept that extra roll of mallard ducks!” – Angelo Surmelis

Check out these great videos of the angelo: Home collection  and Angelo Surmelis