What is Reclaimed and Teak Wood?

What is Reclaimed and Teak Wood?

Over the past year we have seen an increased popularity in reclaimed wood and teak wood among furniture makers. There is one small problem with this new trend. Most consumers don’t know what teak or reclaimed wood is. The team at Furniture Crate will help you get to know what teak and reclaimed wood is.
Classic Home Reclaimed wood furnitureReclaimed Furniture by Classic Home
Reclaimed wood is previously used wood that has bee re-purposed for another use, in many cases furniture and hardwood floors. Most reclaimed wood comes from old and unused building, like old barns. Reclaimed wood has become so popular in the furniture industry because of its physical characteristics. Since no one piece of reclaimed wood is the same, the furniture made out of it is very unique and one of a kind. Since reclaimed wood is repurposed wood, it is very Eco-Friendly! Using reclaimed wood prevents the cutting down of new trees to make furniture.

Teak Wood
Teak Wood comes from a tropical hardwood tree that grows in South East Asia. It was largely used in India before it became popular in America. Teak wood has a yellowish brown color and is known for its great grain & texture. Another great feature of teak wood is that it is termite and pest resistant and is extremely durable.

A lot of furniture makers have started using combination of teak and reclaimed wood. Some of our favorite reclaimed and teak furniture is made by 4 Hands and Classic Home. What are your favorite teak or reclaimed pieces? We would love to know!

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