Furniture and Technology Future BFFs?

Furniture and Technology Future BFFs?

Last Friday I came along a blog post at Freshome about a company called Powerkiss. Powerkiss is a Finnish company that designs wireless charging devices for furniture.  According to Powerkisses website, “Powerkiss has developed an integrated wireless charging solution, which converts basic furniture into smart energy platforms. To juice up your gadgets, you only need to place them on the surface of the furniture, just like you would do anyway.” This innovative idea got me thinking on what is in store for furniture in the future.  At market, I noticed that some furniture manufacturers are introducing smart furniture technology, like this Liberty office set that features built in power source and USB hubs.  Ashley Furniture has two kids beds ( the I-zone and Mi Style) that come with a built in iPod dock.  Berkline Home Theater has the ButtKicker® which enhances your home theater experience.

With all these technology innovations, here is what the Furniture Crate team would like to see in the future:

  1. A desk which would wirelessly charge your laptop.
  2. A chair or sofa able to charge mobile devices every time you sit down.
  3. A conference table that would connect everybody at the meeting on a private network.
  4. Touch screen table top for either a desk or coffee table.
  5. Sofas or loveseats that automatically adjust to your comfort preference.

powerkiss wireless charger

Powerkiss wireless charger

What innovations would like to see in furniture?   We would love to know!

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