Creative Furniture

Creative Furniture

Creative Furniture

At work I start my day  by reading  my RSS feeds and  the Twitter stream.  This morning I noticed quite a few people tweeting about creative furniture.  So I click the link and check out the blog post.  A community website called Splashnology posted 100 creative furniture to their blog. There were some pieces I have seen before, but this was the first time  I saw a lot of the pieces.

I noticed that  some of the pieces have reinterpreations by two furniture makers featured on our site, Zuo Furniture and Alphaville Design.

This chair was reinterpreted by Zuo Furniture.

Zuo Mib Chair

The sofa in this picture was reinterpreted by Alphaville Design.

Alphaville Design Downlow Sofa

I hope you enjoyed Splashnology’s  100 Creative Furniutre as much as I did!

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