Baby stages

Baby stages

Sydney & The OttomanI would love to tell you about my first born little girl, Sydney.  She is a rambunctious little 9 month old who is starting to crawl and pull herself up.  Exciting as this stage in her life is, it’s frightening for me that she will fall and hurt herself.  Our coffee table is wood, and has a corner that is sharp for any little toddler.  I fear that she is going to fall on her next exploration of standing and hit her head on the corner; I definitely don’t want her to get hurt.

So my husband and I decided to get a storage ottoman .  We think that this will help ease our minds, as probably most parents do.  And one of the best parts is that it will help us control all of her toys!!  I also think it will be a good idea for her to already get in the habit of putting her toys away at the end of the night, and having an ottoman easily accessible will be great!

Please share with us any of your little baby stories!

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