Detroit my home

Detroit my home

Last weekend I attended an amazing conference called Future Midwest 2010 right in my home of Metro Detroit.  Future Midwest is an Interactive Media conference that focused largely in Social Media.  As the Social Media Coordinator I couldn’t miss the opportunity to attend this conference.

Being based in the Metro Detroit area, Furniture Crate is proud to be part of the Michigan business community.  All of the employees and the owners of Furniture Crate have proud roots in the community and deeply care about the area.  That’s why we are sad to see the bad reputation Detroit area has earned in the past few years.

A lot people have focused on the problems Detroit has faced, be it crime, housing market, and the automotive industry.  But a lot of people don’t realize all the talent Detroit still has.  Future Midwest showcased all the talent Detroit has and the potential for Detroit to become a great city.  Many of the speakers  at the conference hinted that Detroiters have innovation and hard working mentality  flowing through their veins, and we could used this talent to bring Detroit back.  This will not be an easy job, but Detroiters are extremely proud of their city and we will do anything their power to bring Detroit into another renaissance.

Future Midwest took this idea of innovation and hard work and made it into a video.  Please take a few minutes to watch the video.

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