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Month: September 2010

Eco Tip #1

Eco Tip #1

Get your families involved in recycling and doing what they can to help conserve our environment.
Did you know that 20% of the population is not doing anything special to help the environment because they are skeptical? Most of these skeptics are our Mom’s and Dad’s or older family members. The more people who are informed, the more we can all make a difference.
Learn more about what Michigan is doing about recycling.

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SFC member

SFC member

Hey Everyone!

Furniture Crate has become a proud member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC). Sustainability addresses many concerns; conservation, global warming, indoor air quality, toxic pollutants, landfills, social equity, local economy, and extinction. I have also recently started attending the GREENleader training and have learned a great deal to share with you. We are already doing our part to help conserve the environment by helping promote Green and Sustainable furniture, sharing with you what our suppliers are doing to be green, and recycling here in our home office. As we learn more, we will definitely share with you our additional efforts and would love to hear from you what you are doing to be GREEN!

For next few days we will be sharing some Eco-Tips.  So come back often for  those tips.

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Football Furniture

Football Furniture

With the football season gearing up, most guys are looking for the perfect place to watch their favorite team on Saturday and Sunday.  Most guys would agree that the perfect place to watch a game is on the 50 yard line in their team’s stadium, but a close second is a guy’s home in their living room, game room, or man cave.   So what kind of furniture makes the perfect room to watch football?  As an avid football fan here are a few pieces of furniture that make the room perfect for watching football.


  1. Comfort is a must!  I need a comfortable place to sit when watching a 4+ hours of football.   I usually like sitting in a recliner, but if there is none available, a nice comfy sofa or loveseat where I can spread out and relax will do.
  2. Somewhere to put my drinks and snacks. When watching football I try to limit the amount of time I get out of my seat to grab a drink or snacks.  A chair or sofa with a cup holder helps me accomplish that.  A perfect example of a sofa with a cup holder would be the Catnapper Summit Power Sofa.
    For my snacks a lift top cocktail table, like the Liberty Lake House Lift Top Cocktail Table, brings snacks within arm level, so I don’t have to reach to grab them.  A nice alternative to a cocktail table is a kitchen cart on wheels.  With its ability to roll around, the Nexera Basic Microwave Drawer Cart might add some entertainment to a boring football game
  3. Last but not least is a place for my friends to sit.  No guy likes watching the game alone.  They want to root for their favorite team with their friends.   So large sofa or theater seating are perfect for all your friends.

These are my requirements for furniture for football season.  What piece of furniture do you think is a must have during football season?  We would love to know!

Go Lions! Go Vikes! Go Green!

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