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Month: August 2010

Luxury Bedding Linens

Luxury Bedding Linens

So everyone wants the most beautiful bedroom furniture so they can make their bedroom into their own little sanctuary… but let’s not forget about the sheets you sleep in! Knowing how they are made can be really confusing. Sferra linens created the Lose Count/Sferra website to explain everything about sheets. The website also houses a ton more information too! It is a must see before you buy your next sheet or bedding purchase.

For more information regarding sheets and thread counts please read our sister company U.S. Mattress blog post about thread count.

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World Market-Vegas Aug 2010

World Market-Vegas Aug 2010

Hi everyone,
So it’s been a few weeks since we got back from Vegas Market. It was a great show and we’ve been hard at work ever since getting our hands on these looks! We saw so many great products and trends; it’s hard to know where to start.
One key note is that consumers want a piece of furniture they can invest in, due to the change in economy. They desire quality pieces, and even larger scale items to last a long time. Manufacturers are stepping up the quality game, and not just making products to meet a price point. They are also designing them in neutral, classic styling so they don’t go out of style before they get worn out.

And on to the fun! Hot looks we saw a lot of were:

  • Grey and Yellow: Hottest new color trend
  • White washed wood, bleached wood, and that natural look.
  • Reproduction light bulbs, as in Ferrowatt
  • Lots of linen fabric seating and linen slipcovered looks. Shows a very casual living atomsphere.
  • Fabric textured lamp shades.
  • Platform beds with arch bases
  • Poufs; they work as ottomans, floor cushions, and are just cute/fun accents to any room

Trends that we’ve seen before but still continue to be strong:

  • Turquoise! also now paired with orange.
  • Found objects as accesssories, re-purposed, or reclaimed wood products
  • geek chic – furniture with mp3 docks, for example: Ashley I-zone
  • multi-function, additonal color panel options
  • Coastal Cottage styling.. all your Lakeshore, Seaside, and Stay-cation Furniture
  • animal print accents
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