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Favorite Friday!

by kristi

In the past, I’ve talked about the importance of adding accessories to a room. One of my favorite accessories that can either make a bold statement or purely be for function is a Table Lamp! Simple, I know. But take a look at some of these room photos and notice how each adds personality to their rooms.

bq jo

I love the tall, colorful lamps in each of these living rooms. They are definitely

statement pieces that help coordinate the colors and style between all of the furniture.

champagne-bedroom 5325c18cdbfa3f60660051cb._w.540_s.fit_

Check our Furniture Crate’s Table Lamp selection and add personality to your room!


Family Heirlooms: The China Cabinet

by Sarah

My parents have had much of the same furniture my entire life. This is especially true for the dining room, which has looked exactly the same for about 18 years. We’ve been eating at that dining set for as long as I can remember. But my favorite part is the china cabinet, which my dad inherited from my great-grandfather. We keep my mom’s ancestral teacups in it, as well as old family photos, fragile childhood keepsakes, and other delicate items passed down through the family. Every now and then I like to open the glass doors and look at what’s in there, because it’s like exploring some of my family history.

Obviously, it’s a really big piece of furniture; it’s solid wood. But I like that about it. It was built not only to protect delicate objects, like china and glass, but also to last so that multiple generations could use it. It’s sturdy and stable, which is exactly what you would want from a piece of furniture that’s going to hold some of your most fragile possessions. It doesn’t draw excess attention to itself, so it fits in perfectly with any Walnut-stained furniture. And it’s easy to care for, so I rarely need to dust it.

One day, I am going to inherit that china cabinet, and I’m going to fill it with memories and heirlooms. I’ll tell my kids about it and explain how it’s been in the family for almost a hundred years. I’ll put it in my dining room, where my children and grandchildren will see it at every meal. And one day, one of my descendants will inherit it and pass on the history of our family to their children.

However, if something terrible were to happen — like if there was a house fire, or a flood — and the china cabinet were destroyed, I would definitely buy a new one. I’ve lived so long with a beautiful piece like this that even though I would never be able to really replace this family heirloom, I would want to begin the legacy all over again. It’s important to have family history, and it’s special to start your own.

FurnitureCrate has some absolutely spectacular cabinets — ones that I would certainly consider buying if something happened to mine. They’re made of the best materials and with the best craftsmanship so that you also can start a family legacy with a piece like this.

AICO Lavelle Melange China Cabinet with Side Piers

AICO Lavelle Melange China Cabinet with Side Piers

Hooker Furniture Palisade Display China Cabinet

Hooker Furniture Palisade Display China Cabinet

American Drew Cherry Grove Breakfront China Cabinet

American Drew Cherry Grove Breakfront China Cabinet

Panama Jack Eco Jack China Display

Panama Jack Eco Jack China Display


Create a Lodge-Inspired Living Room with our Room Designer!

by kristi

The temperature is dropping, the snow is starting to fall; it’s time to embrace the Winter Season!

And I have the perfect indoor hobby, creating a room with our Room Designer! I just created a Lodge-inspired Living Room complete with a brown leather sofa and love seat, and rustic tables and lamps.

Lodge from Room Designer

Sofa, Love seat, Wall Art, Lamps, Accent Table, Rug, Pillows, Cocktail Table, End Table

Your turn! What style will you create?


Ted’s Favorite Way to Relax

by Denny

There’s a guy I know named Ted, and he has a very stressful job. He’s one of those “gotta get it done yesterday” kind of guys who still carries a phone on his hip. Ted’s always busy. I once said to him, “Teddy Boy (I call him Teddy Boy), you’re probably going to be too busy to even go to your own funeral!” We all had a great laugh about that, but I think it struck a chord with Ted. Later that night, he came up to me and said, “Say, Denny, what you said back there. You have a point.” “Look, bro,” I said to him (sometimes I call him “bro”), “it was just a joke. But yeah, you really are busy. Maybe a little too busy. I mean, have you ever heard of relaxing?” “Hey, you’re right, Denny. You’re right. Something needs to change.”

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That exchange with Ted happened about a decade ago, and I can honestly say that he is a changed man now. Sure, he still has a stressful job and everything, but I really think he knows how to relax now. The last time I was at his house, he took me into his study. He pointed to a reclining chaise lounge in the corner and said, “See that? That’s the key to my relaxation right there.” “The chaise?” I asked. “It’s not just a chaise,” he said. “It reclines.” I took a seat and reclined back, and you know what? I think Ted’s on to something.


More from High Point Furniture Market!

by kristi

The Industrial style is still trending and many of our vendors used Furniture Market to showcase their products. I saw several dining tables with iron and metal legs, lots of bar stools and accent tables too! Check out a few of my favorites!

018 010080072 036006035



Memorable Furniture

by Denny

Every once in a while, I have an experience with a piece of furniture that creates a lasting memory. Once it was an ottoman that I was stranded on for two hours playing a game of “the floor is lava” with an extremely committed and persistent four-year-old. Another time, it was a green corduroy chair where I sat in a girlfriend’s grandparents’ basement for three hours while they spoke only in French. One time, I had a particularly peculiar experience with a tilted coffee table that gave me the unique opportunity to buy an acquaintance a new livingroom rug.

Three years ago, I was visiting a friend in Montana, a place I hadn’t been before and have sense frequented. It’s a beautiful place, and if you haven’t been, I highly suggest going. And I know how much you weigh my recommendations. Anyway, I was walking through the home of a friend of a friend when my left ankle gave way. I don’t know how it happened, but I think I know why it happened. The host offered me his hand and told me to take a seat while he grabbed some ice. The nearest seat was a reclining chaise, and while I hadn’t ever sat in one before, it had a familiar comfort that eased my nerves. I spent the next two hours sitting on there until we left, and honestly, I don’t think I was ready to go. I was so relaxed, so comfortable. To this day, every time my ankle gives out, I always think of that old reclining chaise. I probably always will.


Spooky Selections

by michelle_klein

In honor of Halloween today, I thought I would share with you some of our favorite spooky selections. My favorite part of Halloween is all the colors that the day creates. Here they are in a sophisticated look, but together, create the scary theme we all know and love. We’ve got a magnificent bright orange chandelier, purple and green seating, fluffy black rugs, colorful pillows, smooth black table, and even an orange buffet! This would sure be the topic of conversation at your next Halloween party! Have a frightful day!

Spooky Selections
angelo:HOME Fulton Chandelier in Orange
Stanley Coastal Living Retreat Buffet in Spanish Orange
Linon New Flokati Rug in Black
Abbyson Living Monica Pedersen Channing Side Chair in Purple
Handy Living Oslo 30 Inch Barstool in Green Linen
Safavieh Mckenzie Pillows
Euro Style Galan Side Table in Black


High Point Furniture Market 2014

by kristi

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending Furniture Market in High Point, NC. Everything from the weather to new product selection was fantastic! What stood out to me were the fabric selections from various vendors, here a few of my favorites!

020 125 033 041 122 126 056 047

Which Chair do you like?



The Power of Comfortable Bedding

by Denny

It’s likely that you put a lot of time and thought into purchasing your mattress. You probably went to a few stores, looked online, and talked to some friends before deciding which mattress you wanted to spend your nights lying on for the next several years. This is common. Most of us put a lot of effort into picking the right mattress because we want to make sure we feel as comfortable as possible while we sleep. But while we put so much focus and research into finding the right mattress, most of us only spend a fraction of that time picking out bedding. We might pick a particular comforter because it fits in well with the bedroom’s décor, or we might choose a sheet set based on price alone. When we do this, we deprive ourselves of enjoying the full comfort potential of our sleep sets.

A friend of mine owns and operates a bed and breakfast in Vermont. It’s a real quaint and cozy place. I remember him telling me once about a few couples who complained about the comfort of the mattress in their room. He couldn’t believe it because he had spent a lot of money on that mattress, but when I asked him about the bedding he chose, it all made sense. He bought bargain sheets that were gritty and uncomfortable. No wonder his guests complained! I told him to find higher quality bedding, like a set of Stearns & Foster sheets, so that his guests could experience the full comfort of the mattresses he spent so much time and money on. He told me that he’s seen a marked improvement in satisfaction since he replaced his sheets, and that his guests frequently comment on their comfort. If you ask me, that’s a perfect example of the power of comfortable bedding. Sometimes, a little bit of money goes a long way!


Room Inspirations!

by kristi

Every Morning when I get into the office, I check out my design-related blogs, articles, emails and whatever else that gets my creative juices going. That is, after I pour myself a gigantic cup of coffee!

I came across a room that sparked my interest and it inspired me to recreate it with our products on FurnitureCrate!

Amy Tyndall foyer

This photo has a lot of different components but somehow work very well together. First, you have the contemporary fabric on a traditional chair. The console table has a coastal, beach feel to it with very traditional lamps and mirror above it. To tie in the coastal theme, they’ve added a sisal rug.

Here’s what I came up with!

Room Ispiration

Chairs, Table, Lamps, Mirror, Wall Art, Rug

Do you have a photo you would like me to recreate for you? Check out our E-Design Services! Email me and I will respond so you can send me your photo!

And, check back next week for posts about High Point Market!!