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Park West Round Leather Cocktail Table

by Ross
park west round leather cocktail table

Bernhardt Park West Round Storage Cocktail Table

The Park West Round Leather Cocktail Table, also known as the Bernhardt Park West Round Storage Cocktail Table, is a charming and multi-functional piece that makes a great addition to any living space. It features a Brown Leather box cushion top with aesthetic stitching for strong Transitional style. The Park West Round Leather Cocktail Table features a lower shelf for storage or display as well as four pull-out shelves for extra surfaces to set drink glasses and other small items. These shelves can then be neatly tucked away for convenience without any drawbacks. The tabletop not only looks and feels great, but is a fully functional table great for holding a plate, the TV remote, or a board game. The combination of the Mahogany wood finish and Brown Leather upholstery portray the quality that goes into this charming piece. Whether you are looking for an impressive Transitional style centerpiece to impress your guests, or a functional cocktail table to add convenience to a living space, the Park West Round Leather Cocktail Table is an excellent solution. Check out this great piece and more at the lowest prices guaranteed, only at!


park west round leather cocktail table room scene

Bernhardt Park West Round Storage Cocktail Table – in room scene


Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector

by Ross
Protect your investment for cheap!

The Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector is an affordable way to ensure your mattress doesn’t get ruined by a spill or other unfortunate occurrence. You’re going to spend hundreds or maybe even thousands on your new mattress, so to think you could protect that investment for a mere $40 seems like a no-brainer. There are many mattress protectors options out there, but the Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector sets itself apart as an excellent value. There are more expensive mattress protectors out there, but the Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector provides really everything you need to keep your mattress safe from spills and stains at a surprisingly low price.


Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector

Leggett & Platt Home Textiles Platinum Mattress Protector

The Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector

The top fabric of the Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector is made from 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester for comfort with some stain protection. The backing of the cover is then made from 100% Polyurethane for a waterproof layer that will keep your mattress dry even if you spill an entire cup of water. The Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector is designed to provide a comfortable surface and not alter the feel of your bed, so you don’t have to sacrifice anything to protect your mattress. The Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector is also helpful for resisting dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens than can collect in your mattress and cause asthma and eczema. So create a healthier sleep environment while protecting your mattress with the Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector. This protector is also machine washable for easy maintenance, and comes backed by a 10-year warranty that covers both the protector and your mattress under normal circumstances!

Simply put, everyone should insure their mattress investment with the Leggett and Platt Platinum Mattress Protector.


The Lane Bulldog Recliner

by Ross

The Lane Bulldog Comfort King Rocker Recliner is a sturdy and comfortable rocker recliner chair designed for persons weighing up to 350 pounds. It features an extra tall seat back and chair height suitable for taller individuals and its entire Comfort King mechanism is constructed from 7-gauge steel for exceptional sturdiness and durability. The Lane Bulldog Recliner also uses mortise and tenon joint construction, the most effective modern technique for long-lasting durability. In the seat, high-quality 8-gauge tempered steel coils are attached directly into the frame’s seat box so they won’t break free. Additionally, pre-loaded and stress relieved 3.5-inch, 15-gauge high-tinsel coil wire provides consistent support and superior comfort to the seat while conforming better to the contours of the body. Meanwhile, the back cushion features channel compartments to help keep the fibers in place and maintain the supportive shape of the chair for longer. Lastly, the Lane Bulldog Recliner passes rigorous testing requirements including color fastness, abrasion testing, and dynamic seam fatigue so you can count on the supportive interior and stylish exterior of this product.

Lane Bulldog Comfort King Rocker Recliner

In conclusion, the Lane Bulldog Recliner is a comfortable and attractive reclining chair that is made to last. Fully reclined, the Lane Bulldog Recliner is the length of a King size mattress so anyone can lounge comfortably. The pillow arm design and generous padding in the seat and backrest will make you wish you never had to leave your Lane Bulldog Recliner. Whether kicking bad after a hard day of work, relaxing and watching the game, or taking a much needed nap, the Lane Bulldog Comfort King Rocker Recliner is a great solution that will provide you with quality comfort for many years. Order from for the lowest price on the Lane Bulldog Recliner, and get a great deal on unbeatable comfort. You can also choose your fabric for the perfect look to match any room in your home!


Accent Chaise: Comfort Breeds Style

by Ross

Klaussner Reststop Chaise Lounge - accent chaise

An accent chaise is a great example of how style and function are not separate entities. A great accent chaise will not only enhance the comfort and style of a room, but it will enhance the style of the room through its perceived comfort. A boring arm chair with the same fabric as the accent chaise shown above won’t have the same stylistic impact on the room. It’s the design and the perceived comfort of the accent chaise that work in conjunction with the rich red color of the chair to give it a truly stunning look. As with most things people are passionate about — such as cars, fashion, and furniture — a look of functionality that is also eye-catching is the holy grail. For example, a suped-up Ford Mustang is cool not only for its appearance, but because of its perceived performance capabilities; similar to a silk garment that looks both attractive and comfortable to wear. This same phenomenon is true for furniture, where a comfortable lounging piece like an accent chaise can be an extremely effective way to bolster the style of any room via its perceived (and usually real) level of comfort.

Legacy Classic Pemberleigh Chaise - accent chaise

So if you are looking for an effective way to improve the style of your living room or other area of the home, consider a functional and fashionable piece like an accent chaise. Accent chaises are great seating/lounging solutions for the living and family room, and also work well in reading nooks and bedrooms for relaxing in private. Here at Furniture Crate we have a large selection of chaise lounges so there are sure to be some great fits for your home. Shop dozens of great accent chaises in a wide range of colors to find the perfect piece to enhance the comfort and style of any room in your home. Shop now and save with us!

Benchcraft Paulie Stationary Chaise in Orange Durablend - accent chaise


Why Buy a Lingerie Bureau?

by Ross

Also known as a lingerie chest, the lingerie bureau is a delicate solution for storing delicates in your bedroom. These low-profile chests usually have a slender design with four to seven drawers arranged vertically, providing plenty of storage and organizational options for delicate items. Lingerie bureaus free up space in your dresser leaving more room for large items of clothing like pants and shirts. These slender pieces fit easily into just about any space, tucked into a corner, next to a dresser, or even inside a walk-in closest. If you’ve ever owned a lingerie bureau, you probably couldn’t imagine living without one; but if you’ve never owned a lingerie bureau, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Kincaid Cherry Park Lingerie Chest - lingerie bureauStanley Arrondissement Belle Mode Lingerie Chest in Vintage Neutral - lingerie bureau

Furniture Crate offers a selection of lingerie bureaus from the brands you know and love like Magnussen, Broyhill, and Stanley Furniture, so you can find the perfect style and price point for your needs. Shop a range of styles from Contemporary to Traditional, with prices from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars. And as always, we offer each of our lingerie bureaus at the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere else, and we ship for free! Add a chic look and convenient new organizational solution to your bedroom with one of our great lingerie bureaus. Shop today!

Prepac Sonoma Tall 6 Drawer Chest in Black - lingerie bureauStanley Charleston Regency Lafayette Semainier - lingerie bureauPrepac Monterey Tall 6 Drawer Chest in Cherry - lingerie bureau


Chair and a Half Chaise

by Ross

Signature Design by Ashley Hopkins Pressback Chaise in Mocha

If you have ever sat in a chaise or a chair-and-a-half, you may wonder why normal lounging chairs even exist. Both of these designs are an upgrade on your standard chair, providing oversized luxury or perfect reclining comfort. Now imagine combing the two, and having a chair and a half chaise! A chair and a half chaise combines the width of a chair-and-a-half with the lounging design of a chaise. These chairs are great for big & tall folks, couples in small apartments, or simply those who want an incredible lounging piece. Imagine coming home after a hard day’s work and collapsing into one of these chair and a half chaises to watch TV, read a book, play video games, or just take a nap. In addition to your standard chaise and chair-and-a-half models, we also offer the combined chair and a half chaise and a great chair and a half sleeper (for that nap). Shop at for all of your traditional favorites as well as the cutting edge new pieces that are making a splash in the modern home, and receive the best prices with free shipping. Shop today for a new chair and a half chaise and more!

Largo Fitzgerald Chair and A Half Sleeper


Hooker Furniture Clearance

by Ross

Hooker Furniture clearance - Hooker Rhapsody Twelve Drawer Dresser with Mirror

For almost 100 years, Hooker Furniture has been manufacturing high-quality pieces for those who don’t want to settle for anything less than the best. Hooker Furniture items fall into one of the more expensive price ranges, putting priority on quality and elegance rather than affordability. As a major dealer in Hooker Furniture, we are fortunate to have a decent-sized, fairly consistent selection of Hooker Furniture clearance pieces available to our customers at deeply discounted prices. These Hooker Furniture clearance items include, floor/display models, discontinued items, and overstocking that we are willing to sell for even lower than our already unbeatable prices. That means on top of the best prices you’ll find anywhere on all of the Hooker Furniture items we carry, our Hooker Furniture clearance pieces have deep discounts on top of that, so you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars! Whether you’re looking to add or replace an incredible piece of Hooker Furniture to your home, or have been wish-listing some of the amazing pieces from Hooker Furniture, our selection of Hooker Furniture clearance is a great way to get the top-grade products from this top-tier company at the deepest discounts you’ll find anywhere else. Check out our Hooker Furniture clearance page today!


Convertible Console Table

by Ross

A convertible console table takes the efficiency of modern design and combines it with an interesting style. A convertible console table serves as both a fully functional console table with the added benefit of fold out wings that increase the tabletop surface area. You might use a convertible console table in a hallway, entryway, living room, or dining room as a simple console table for display most of the time, but when entertaining guests or hosting board game night you could convert the low-profile console table into a fully functional dining-size table just like that. There are countless uses for these convenient and attractive tables, and they work well in mansions and studio apartments alike!

Hooker Furniture Vicenza Drop Leaf Convertible Console TableHooker Furniture Vicenza Drop Leaf Convertible Console Table 2

We carry a small selection of high-quality convertible console table options in a range of styles to fit the look of your home. We have fold-out and hanging-wing designed convertible tables, some of which also contain drawers and other storage functionality. Stanley, Lexington, Hammary, and Hooker are some of the more prestigious brands on our site, and as such, you can expect each convertible console table we offer to reflect the utmost quality with a stunning look to boot. Why buy a regular console table when you could have the benefits of a convertible console table?

Lexington Coventry Hills Rexford Flip Top Convertible Console TableLexington Coventry Hills Rexford Flip Top Convertible Console Table 2

As always, we offer these great products at the best prices available anywhere, and we’ll ship them to you for free! So if you are looking to upgrade the style and functionality of any room, hallway, or other area of your home, a convertible console table is a great way to do so. Shop for these and many of our other great products today!


Hillsdale Park Avenue Dining Sets

by Ross

hillsdale-park-avenue-dining-set.HDF4692DTBCxx.3._raw Hillsdale Park Avenue Dining Set 9 piece

Hillsdale Park Avenue Dining Sets are a handsome way to furnish your dining room. The table can seat 6-10 comfortably, so the sets are available in a 7-piece, 9-piece, and 11-piece configuration. This set has a Transitional style, so it will work great in your Modern or Traditional home. It’s sturdy design features X-shaped legs with a connecting stretcher that supports an expanded, spacious tabletop. The chairs use an attractive ladder back design with a Traditional feel, while the dark brown faux-leather seat cushions hint at a Modern boldness. Both the table and chairs share a distressed Dark Cherry finish that is warm and robust. If you’re looking for an impressive dining set solution for your home, it’s hard to go wrong with a Hillsdale Park Avenue Dining Set. Shop our selection of Hillsdale Park Avenue Dining Sets and other great dining room solutions, all available at the lowest prices anywhere, only at!


Oversized Camo Recliners for Hunting Season!

by Ross

We all have a hunter in our life, someone who considers the beginning of the holiday season opening day for whitetail, and whose favorite color is camo. Our oversized camo recliners make a great gift for any hunter, especially those who like a comfy lounging chair (I mean, who doesn’t?). These chairs are great for bringing the great outdoors home with you, or for using in your cabin! These oversized camo recliners are so comfortable that they will quickly become the favorite chair in the house, or the perfect napping spot between the morning and evening hunt.

catnapper-magnum-recliner-mossy-oak-1 oversized camo recliner

The Catnapper Magnum Camouflage Oversized Chaise Rocker Recliner with Heat and Massage and X-tra Comfort Footrest in Mossy Oak is the most comfortable oversized camo recliner chair available. It is chair-and-a-half size, reclines (obviously), and also includes heat and massage features. This chair is made to last, with the strongest seat box ever manufactured and the strongest, most durable base in the recliner industry. The reclining mechanism is manual and reinforced, so you don’t need electricity in your cabin to recline, and it’s also more durable. This chair uses over fifty independently active, 15-gauge, heat tempered coils. This ensures exceptional performance and a long-lasting comfort, and Comfor-Gel memory foam reinforces the coils while also promoting quiet comfort that is less likely to squeak when you move. The chair is upholstered in the Mossy Oak New Break-Up fabric that is computer-enhanced for a realistic woodland camouflage.

catnapper-magnum-recliner-mossy-oak-2 oversized camo recliner fabric pattern


Check out this great oversized camo recliner and other camo pieces from brands like Jackson and Catnapper for the hunter in your life. And shop confidently with us knowing we offer all of our products at the lowest prices available anywhere. Shop FurnitureCrate today!