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The Power of Comfortable Bedding

by Denny

It’s likely that you put a lot of time and thought into purchasing your mattress. You probably went to a few stores, looked online, and talked to some friends before deciding which mattress you wanted to spend your nights lying on for the next several years. This is common. Most of us put a lot of effort into picking the right mattress because we want to make sure we feel as comfortable as possible while we sleep. But while we put so much focus and research into finding the right mattress, most of us only spend a fraction of that time picking out bedding. We might pick a particular comforter because it fits in well with the bedroom’s décor, or we might choose a sheet set based on price alone. When we do this, we deprive ourselves of enjoying the full comfort potential of our sleep sets.

A friend of mine owns and operates a bed and breakfast in Vermont. It’s a real quaint and cozy place. I remember him telling me once about a few couples who complained about the comfort of the mattress in their room. He couldn’t believe it because he had spent a lot of money on that mattress, but when I asked him about the bedding he chose, it all made sense. He bought bargain sheets that were gritty and uncomfortable. No wonder his guests complained! I told him to find higher quality bedding, like a set of Stearns & Foster sheets, so that his guests could experience the full comfort of the mattresses he spent so much time and money on. He told me that he’s seen a marked improvement in satisfaction since he replaced his sheets, and that his guests frequently comment on their comfort. If you ask me, that’s a perfect example of the power of comfortable bedding. Sometimes, a little bit of money goes a long way!


Room Inspirations!

by kristi

Every Morning when I get into the office, I check out my design-related blogs, articles, emails and whatever else that gets my creative juices going. That is, after I pour myself a gigantic cup of coffee!

I came across a room that sparked my interest and it inspired me to recreate it with our products on FurnitureCrate!

Amy Tyndall foyer

This photo has a lot of different components but somehow work very well together. First, you have the contemporary fabric on a traditional chair. The console table has a coastal, beach feel to it with very traditional lamps and mirror above it. To tie in the coastal theme, they’ve added a sisal rug.

Here’s what I came up with!

Room Ispiration

Chairs, Table, Lamps, Mirror, Wall Art, Rug

Do you have a photo you would like me to recreate for you? Check out our E-Design Services! Email me and I will respond so you can send me your photo!

And, check back next week for posts about High Point Market!!


Focusing in on What Stands Out

by Denny

As a furniture enthusiast, I love walking into a newly decorated room. I usually fall in love with one aspect of the design or another. Maybe it’s a clock on the wall that has an old charm and low, percussive ticking and tocking. Maybe it’s an armoire that stands high above the other pieces in the room like a protective mother. Maybe it’s the chair that sits in the corner, thoughtfully tucked between a floor plant and an end table. When I find the aspect of the room I like most, I feel like I gain a better understanding of its place among the other items in a particular décor.

Last week, I went to visit an old friend who I haven’t seen since our days in school. He has always had a keen eye for fashion and usually makes impeccable décor decisions. I was excited to see his home and it certainly didn’t disappoint. My favorite piece in his living room was a clean and charming looking corduroy sofa. He told me it was the Broyhill Maddie Sofa, which didn’t surprise me. I’ve always enjoyed Broyhill’s designs, and this sofa had all of the hallmarks of their quality and craftsmanship. Anyway, the sofa grounded the ensemble with a natural and easy disposition and, along with my host, created a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. I try to remember times like these when I’m decorating rooms in my own home, and I always enjoy the satisfaction of finding that one piece that makes the biggest impact on my design.


Favorite Friday!

by kristi

We have added several new products to Furniture Crate the last couple months and many of those have made it to the top of my Favorite’s List! The first is The Melange Lana Upholstered bed from Hooker Furniture. Not only am I still in love with the color gray, but the curves of the bed are so unique and it instantly grabbed my attention.



Next on my list is the entire new line from Stanley Furniture called Coastal Living Retreat! The colors and classic style have me obsessed. If I had to choose, the English Blue finish is my favorite. Which one is yours?

Stanley Coastal Retreat 2 Coastal Living Retreat  - -894805332_411-2-KCP-b1

And last, Universal Furniture’s Great Rooms Collection came out with a line called Berkeley 3. I’ve always been a fan of the rustic, industrial look especially when it’s paired with linen and other light fabrics, so this collection caught my eye right away! The Brownstone finish is my favorite but I would take it all!

311_CD_RS01_751_732_6_vm_001_crop_001 311_CD_RS16_775_u_vm_001


The Dining Experience

by Denny

Everyone knows that something special happens when you gather around a table with friends and family. Sharing a meal brings people together in a way that not many other activities do, and it often has little to do with the food that’s being served. I’ve always judged the quality of a dinner based on the experience, rather than the food. It’s the toast, not the drink, right? Spending time around a table encourages dialog and facilitates conversation, so it doesn’t surprise me that some of the best conversations I’ve ever had have happened while sitting around a kitchen table, long after the dinner has been served and the plates have been cleared. As important as friends and family are to the experiences we create around the kitchen table, the furniture we sit on also plays a big part. If you don’t have comfortable and attractive seating, you and your friends and family will be less inclined to sit around sharing coffee, drinks, and laughs.

I’ve always been particularly fond of kitchen chairs with arms. Especially those that can twist and turn and rock back and forth. There’s just something about rocking back and forth in a comfortable chair that really helps me take in the atmosphere. Also, you can really make a point when you’re sitting in a chair like that. You can kind of pound the arms for emphasis, or you can sort of run your hands along them as you contemplate the corniness of your Uncle Chuck’s last joke.

Really, if you ask me, with the right chairs in your kitchen, the possibilities are endless.


Creating a Coastal / Tropical Bedroom With Our Room Designer!

by kristi

Have you used our Room Designer lately? I just created a great-looking bedroom!

The Room Designer is such a helpful tool, and it helps to eliminate any doubts you might have when trying to bring a specific style into your home.

I choose the Coastal / Tropical theme. It narrowed my furniture choices to light woods, and anything made of rattan, wicker, or bamboo, which are all materials that are typically found in this type of room. Also, the bedding and lamp choices added color and helped to create the light, breezy mood I wanted!

Coastal.Tropical from Room Designer

Bed, Mirror, Rug, Bedding, Lamp, Dresser, Nightstand, Chair, Side Table

What kind of a room will you design?


Combining Furniture Styles

by Denny

Over the last few years, I’ve seen a lot of my friends get married and settle into their first homes. I always enjoy the first visit to a couple’s new home. In fact, if they’re especially close friends of mine, I like to visit during various stages of completion. Whether they’re building a new house, reconstructing a fixer-upper, or settling into a new apartment, I always find it interesting to watch two people blend their styles into one look. Sometimes, one person’s tastes dominate, and other times, couples compromise and combine each design sensibility into a new cohesive whole. One question I frequently hear my friends ask is, “What kind of look should we go for?” When I hear this, I can’t help but offer my opinion, and I usually say, “Your own.”

Sure, there are design styles and philosophies that set trends we all follow, but I think a home’s décor should be a reflection of each partner’s personality and preferences. I have two friends whose home perfectly demonstrates this union. Tom is a pretty regular guy with a preference for traditional design, and his wife, Tish, has a passion for the sleek and clean aesthetic of a contemporary décor. Their home is filled with pieces reflecting each look, and it really works well as a complete whole. Tom loves their Largo Furniture wood kitchen table, and Tish is particularly fond of the clean minimalism of their white cabinets. One paper, these two design senses might clash, but when put into practice, they can create a captivating décor. So, if you’re wondering what look you and your partner should create in your home, I think the best choice is your own.


How important are Accessories?

by kristi

Not only is accessorizing the best part of design, but it’s very crucial to your end result. You can see the same neutral sofa in thousands of houses, but the accessories are what will set it apart; they are your personal touch.




The accessories will ultimately decide the overall mood of the room. For example, the room pictured below has gray and blue accessories along with natural wood tables. Cool colors and natural elements like wood create a calming and comfortable feeling. Nothing is too bold or alarming throughout the room.



Even the minimal use of accessories can convey a mood. Pictured below is a monochromatic room with white and beige colors, featuring pillows and a rug with soft patterns, and sheer curtains over a tall wall of windows. It may be obvious that this room conveys a calm and serene feeling, but even the smallest details work to establish the completed look.




Favorite Friday!

by kristi
As a designer, I love and appreciate the different styles in design. One of my personal favorites is the Industrial style.
Inspired by the Industrial Revolution in the early 18th century, Industrial is a simple style made up of raw materials like metal and steel. Colors are usually neutral gray tones with minimal patterns. 
industrial-home-details_brick industrial-home-details_bedroom
The Industrial style is growing in popularity, and Furniture Crate is keeping up with the trend! Check out some of our Industrial inspired products.
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How to Decorate with Brown Leather Furniture?

by kristi

Leather furniture is very popular because of its quality, clean look, and longevity, but it can be difficult to work around to achieve a light, airy look in your room. Of course you can use a whole bunch of white and beige accessories, but then it just becomes very bland. Here are a few solutions I’ve come up with to successfully lighten your room while still enjoying your leather furniture!

1. Brown leather is traditionally very masculine. If you compliment it with a feminine colors or fabrics, it will help to balance out the room. For example, use a soft cream or light yellow on the walls.

2. Use your space wisely. By spreading the leather pieces out or adding an upholstered chair in a lighter fabric, the room won’t look as heavy.

3. Use lots and lots of pillows! Nothing breaks up the dark and heavy look of a brown leather sofa like soft throw pillows.